A Black American Reader Is Disgusted When Aliens Draw Parallels to the Civil Rights Movement
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From:  N. Brown

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: The Light Dawns for American Blacks

I am a Black American.  I speak, read and write Spanish and like most Black Americans, I come from a racially diverse background that includes Latino heritage. 

However, I am adamantly opposed to illegal immigration.  And, I am appalled at the correlation that many Hispanics have been drawing to their protest and the Civil Rights Movement, particularly at their evocation of Dr. Martin Luther King.  This is a stretch, to say the least. 

  • The Civil Right Movement of the1960's addressed the denial of rights to CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES guaranteed by our constitution and laws.  Illegal Immigrants are not United States citizens
  • The Civil Rights Movement addressed the denial of rights to Black U.S. citizens based on their color and racial identity. Illegal immigrants come in all racial, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Furthermore, educated Latinos know that Spanish is not a race, it is a language; Latino is not a racial determinant but rather a cultural and ethnic identity.  Latinos come in all races and, like Black Americans, are multiracial.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, the Civil Rights Movement addressed the denial of rights to citizens descended from a majority people brought to North America by force as slaves

Therefore, illegal immigration is not a civil rights issue.  And most importantly, THIS IS NOT A LATINO ISSUE!  Illegal immigration impacts everyone.

I would never feel so presumptuous as to move illegally to Mexico or any other country, and then demand rights not owed to me at the expense of its native citizens.

Just look at Univision for an example of Mexican arrogance. How many Mexicans do you know that look like the station's light complexioned, blond hair, blue eye actors, commentators and news reporters.  They certainly do not live in my neighborhood. 

For years, I have put up with native born racist citizens. But to think that now I have to tolerate racism (because it is well-known that Mexicans discriminate against Blacks) from someone not born in this country and who has not even taken the legal avenue to obtain citizenship is too hard of a pill to swallow. 

I refuse to be the whipping boy of an illegal immigrant. 

Besides with the influx of too many of one ethnic group such as Mexicans, we may be destined to absorb their values and morals.

Do we really want that?


N. Brown resides in North Carolina.

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