WuFlu Racial Impact Suggests Third World Immigration May Be Bad—For Them
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I have been writing since February 1 that there are likely to be differences in racial incidence of Covid-19, partly because races are breeding populations that vary in average gene frequencies due to adaptation to different ecologies, and that this data should not be suppressed. Recently, the Main Stream Media has suddenly acknowledged that there are indeed race differences, blatantly because non-white people appear to be much worse affected and therefore it thinks it can guilt whites.  Let’s see when the MSM will take the next step: This disease is showing that non-white emigration to the northern hemisphere may have bad health consequences—for them.

One hospital trust in Somerset, in the West of England, has actually declared that it will prioritize non-white staff in the distribution of facemasks (of which there is a shortage) precisely because they appear to be so much more likely to die of Corona. Minorities make up 10% of Somerset's National Health Service (NHS) staff, but 63% of NHS workers who have died in Somerset are non-white [Somerset NHS Trust becomes first in the country to prioritise black and ethnic minority staff for facemasks after figures showed 63 per cent of healthcare deaths are BAME, by Jack Newman, MailOnline, April 27, 2020]. And NHS bosses are discussing whether minority medical staff should be put on administrative duties only “over fears they are genetically more at risk from the disease” [NHS memo says BAME hospital staff could be taken off the front-line fight against coronavirus over fears they are genetically more at risk from the disease, by Laura Keay & Jack Newman, Mail Online, April 30, 2020].

But why are non-white people in European countries so much more susceptible to Covid-19 than the native population? Could it be due to the nature of race itself?

Recent research, based on twin studies,  has found that there is definitely a very significant genetic component behind why Covid-19 is more problematic for some people than others. As much as 50% of variance in how people react to Covid-19 is due to genes [Study of twins reveals genetic effect on Covid-19 symptoms, by Nicola Davis, The Guardian, April 27, 2020]. In that races are distinct genetic clusters, it thus starts to become extremely probable that race differences in reaction to Covid-19 are partly genetic. And senior medics and hospital managers in the UK are clearly now discussing this.

But what could be going on, in genetic terms, for non-whites? One likely possibility: They are not absorbing enough Vitamin D.

Non-whites in the Northern hemisphere are living in an environment to which they are not genetically adapted and in which, in particular, they are less able to absorb Vitamin D through their skin. This makes them less healthy and it renders pandemics all the more devastating for them. This explanation is now being discussed, though not quite as explicitly, in the journal of the British Medical Association. But it is still being ignored by the Main Stream Media. 

After all, the reason for the race disparity in Covid-19 can’t simply be factors such as non-whites, in general, being poorer—and so more likely to do service jobs, live in crowded areas and use public transport—because the difference is found even if you effectively control for income. Non-white doctors and nurses in Britain have proved more likely to become seriously ill with and die of Covid-19 than are white doctors and nurses. This is why the Somerset NHS Trust is giving non-white medical staff first refusal when it comes to face masks. 

According to evolutionary scientists Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending, in their 2009 book The 10,000 Year Exposition, nobody in Europe had white skin 10,000 years ago. It began to evolve once Europeans adopted agriculture. This meant that while a given amount of land could now support a much larger population, that population had, on average, less access to a healthy diet. Its diet became more focused on staple crops, meaning less meat, less vegetables, less fruit and fewer nuts. All of this meant people consumed less Vitamin D and had worse health, in part because, living in Europe, they were absorbing relatively little Vitamin D during the long dark winters.

White skin evolved as means of allowing these European farmers to absorb the maximum possible amount of Vitamin D from the sun and skin evolved to get lighter and lighter the further north agriculture was practiced, because, the further you moved north, the longer and darker the winters became.

So, if you live in a country that has long dark winters and have light skin then, all else being equal, you are going to be healthier than a person who lives in such a country and has dark skin. With your light skin, you will be able to absorb much more Vitamin D. A great deal of research confirms this, such as a major study in Archives of Dermatology [Racial Pigmentation and the Cutaneous Synthesis of Vitamin D, by Lois Matsuoka et al., Archives of Dermatology, April 1991].

Vitamin D is vital to many aspects of healthy body functioning. But it is particularly important in regard to respiratory conditions such as Covid-19. One study has identified mean Vitamin D levels in 20 European populations and found that they strongly negatively associated with the Covid-19 mortality rates [The role of Vitamin D in the prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 infection and mortality, by Petrie Ilie et al., Research Square, April 8, 2020]. Another study has shown that low levels of Vitamin D—which becomes a big problem in winter—is a significant factor behind the increased prevalence of all viruses, including flu, in the winter [Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths, by W. B. Grant et al., Nutrients, April 2, 2020].    

On this basis, we would expect Covid-19 to be a particular problem for non-whites in cold countries because, for genetic reasons (their skin color), they would be absorbing less Vitamin D. And it should especially problematic for black people, because their skin is so dark.

So, we certainly shouldn’t be surprised by the impact that Covid-19 is having on Somalirefugees” in Scandinavian countries, where winter is very long and very dark. According to British Medical Journal [Inhabitants of Swedish-Somali origin are at great risk for covid-19, by Susanne Bejerot & Mats Humble, British Medical Journal, 2020], in the Stockholm region of Sweden, 40% of the COVID-19-related deaths reported by March were Somalis even though they make up 0.84% of the population.

And why is this? According to the authors: 

A risk factor [for Covid-19] we want to highlight, however, is the low vitamin D levels found in the Swedish-Somali population. Vitamin D status is strongly related to low sun exposure and dark skin. In two different studies, the great majority of Swedish women of Somali origin had very low levels of S-25(OH)-D (< 25 nmol/l). In Finland, Somali women required more than twice the amount of vitamin D in order to maintain recommended vitamin D status. In addition, vitamin D deficiency was twice as common, regardless of gender, in immigrants from Africa compared with those from the Middle East.

What this means (all together now):  RACE” IS A BIOLOGICAL, NOT MERELY A SOCIAL, CONSTRUCT!

And if you go and live in an area to which your race has not genetically evolved, then it can have very serious health consequences for you—including, it now materializes,  a strongly elevated risk of dying of Covid-19.

It seems that this is exactly what has happened to minority staff working for Britain’s health service.

Those who would stop us having a rational, scientific discussion of race—activists such as Adam Rutherford, Jess Wade, and Angela Saini—should have these people’s deaths on their consciences.

To repeat my now-traditional moral drawn at the end of my WuFlu coverage:

  • If Covid-19 is not an Equal Opportunity disease, that means our race-denying Ruling Class is frightening most people too much—and not warning some people enough. This will not merely cause unnecessary chaos—it will cost lives.
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