Swedish Flight: Legacy Swedes Fleeing Immigrant Crime, BOMBING Campaign, In Malmo. Sound Familiar?
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In Abandoning Malmö to Its Criminals, Quillette, November 15, 2019, Henrik Jönsson describes the horrifying level of immigrant crime in Malmo, Sweden.

“I think they just shot someone right across from my balcony,” my friend told me.

The gunshot rang out even as we were texting about another recent act of violence here in the Swedish city of Malmö—a car bomb that went off in a residential area close to my home.

Acts of violence occur so frequently in Malmö that news of one blurs into the next. This year, there already have been 29 explosions in a city of just 320,000. Sweden as a whole is on pace for about 150—or about three per week (as Quillette has reported previously). These are attacks by criminal gangs that usually target other criminals. But the victims are sometimes innocent bystanders. In one recent case, for instance, a female student was severely injured in the face when she happened to pass by a shop that exploded in Lund, a ten-minute car ride from Malmö. The more spectacular attacks have left whole cities such as Malmö fearful and traumatized, as a grandmother explained in a recent Facebook post about a bombing that blew out the windows of a residential building where her grandchildren were sleeping—”… two very frightened Swedish children, whose safe existence just fell apart.”

Writing for the newspaper Expressen that same day, Malmö-based journalist Fredrico Moreno likened his city’s bombing epidemic to a terror spree: “The bombs that wake us at night, that explode so that glass windows fly into bedrooms, have taken thousands of Malmö residents hostage…Friends tell me in passing how they have refurbished or switched rooms at home so that the children are not hurt when there are explosions nearby.”

The thing is, this isn't technically a terror campaign, it's Middle Eastern immigrant gangs fighting each other in gang turf wars. And it's leading to "Swedish flight", a term I coined by analogy to white flight, and which you can see a reenactment of in the video below.

This is exactly what happened to large parts of urban America (Detroit, parts of Chicago, Camden, NJ) during the Sixties.

In 2002, writing about the accusation that people who voted Republican did so because they opposed "civil rights", Steve Sailer wrote:

Civil rights? My late father-in-law was a classical musician, a union organizer and strike leader, and a Democrat. He owned a house in an all-white neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago that was so crime-free that his first grade daughter walked to her school a mile away. Then, blacks began moving in. Committed to integration, my father-in-law joined a liberal Catholic neighborhood group organized to prevent white flight. In 1968, however, his young children were physically attacked three times on the street and, following Martin Luther King's assassination, rioters looted all the shops in the neighborhood.

So he sold his house for a crushing $18,000 loss. Being a big man who never did anything in a small way, he moved his family to an abandoned farm 63 miles outside Chicago, where they lived without indoor plumbing for their first two years.

And he started voting Republican.

That's what's happening in Sweden now, except that the party they'll be voting for is the Sweden Democrats.

In February, 2017, Donald Trump said

“We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

Not the Swedes. …”

The Fake News Media and Twitter responded with a meme of #SwedenAttack, as if he'd imagined a terrorist attack in Sweden. He didn't say that, he said that he'd been watching a news report of the horrifying effects of immigration in general in Sweden, a concept apparently inconceivable to the MSM.

I responded with Huge Immigrant Riots Break Out In Perfectly Safe Sweden, and added a random sample of previous VDARE.com Swedish coverage:

Note that in the graphic above, "20+" is the number of Swedish female victims of immigrant molestation—the ages of the victims were twelve to eighteen.





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