Trans Child Kidnap In Montana—In Spite Of ”Conservative” GOP Governor
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The ”Psychic Unity of Mankind” is an idea that goes back to the middle nineteenth century; but some of the offshoot ideas that have come up in our own time would have astonished—and, I think, horrified—those early thinkers.

The trans cult, for example, according to which your sex is whatever you think it is, regardless of any biological features you might possess. The trans cult isn’t merely silly, it’s evil. We’ve had evidence of this recently in this terrible story from Montana [How COULD a troubled 14-year-old be taken by the state and transitioned against her parents’ will? MAUREEN CALLAHAN’s grave warning that YOUR child could be next in America’s nightmarish trans dystopia, Daily Mail, January 31, 2021].

The story concerns a fourteen-year-old girl and her parents, who appear to be loving and responsible. The girl had mental problems: saying she had attempted suicide and telling the parents she thought she might really be a boy.

Child Protective Services got involved, bearing with them all the fakery and pseudoscience of modern psychiatry.

After the suicide-attempt story the girl was hospitalized. Some authority figure in the hospital talked to her about interventions to change sex, including a double mastectomy. This just amplified the girl’s mental disturbance.

When she was back at home, CPS made follow-up visits recommending inpatient treatment for her sexual confusion at a mental health institution. When the parents were told that the only available institution was in Wyoming, they balked. Sex-change procedures for minors, like hormone blockers and surgery, are illegal in Montana, but legal in Wyoming.

CPS had reported the parents to the authorities as uncooperative and not concerned with their child’s health. So after the parents refused the transfer to Wyoming—just ten minutes after—CPS showed up at the house with a police escort and took the girl away to Wyoming.

Now she’s a boy, or thinks she is. She is now living away from her parents in a Montana CPS residential-care institution for young people.

Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana issued a statement this week saying, inter alia, quote:

Our administration will continue to advance policies that strengthen our families and protect Montana kids.

The main point of the statement, however, seems to be to dump responsibility for this horror on his Lieutenant Governor, Kristen Juras. And, further quote, ”I have asked the Lieutenant Governor to continue monitoring the case as it progresses.”

Earlier, I published Communist Coup Official!—Ivy League Elite Overwhelmingly Thinks Americans Have Too Much Freedom.

Are Governor Gianforte and Lieutenant Governor Juras part of this elite? Well, they hold graduate degrees, though not from elite universities. Gianforte has a net worth of at least nine digits. I can’t find numbers for Kristen Juras; but she’s had a long career as a lawyer and law lecturer so I doubt she has to clip coupons much. I can’t find population-density numbers for their zip codes.

Oh, did I mention they are both Republicans?

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