Army Football—With Rape Allegations
December 10, 2017, 07:02 AM
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Here’s a long article from the Daily Beast recounting a former West Point lady cadet’s claim to have been raped by the Army football team’s star quarterback:

Cadet Run Out of West Point After Accusing Army’s Star Quarterback of Rape

He was cleared by the school and the Army—and became captain of the football team. She says she was shamed by fellow cadets and disrespected by the academy’s leaders.

By Brandy Zadrozny, and James Laporta

Lots of perennial Sailer themes in this such as black jocks and white coeds, what colleges will do to win at football, and even down to some minor ones like straight women who want to become military officers are usually following in dad’s or grandpa’s footsteps, and that women are more prone to knee injuries than men.

By the way, Army beat Navy today 14-13. Ahmad Bradshaw ran for 94 yards and threw for 20 yards. Army is now 9-3, it’s best record since 1996.

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