A Military Reader Says Army Generals Who Want Foreigners In Uniform Are Timeservers More Interested In Pensions Than Integrity
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Re:  Federale’s blog post  Immigrants In Uniform—The MANVI Program Is A Bad Idea 

From: "Spirit Of Fighting 69th" [Email him]

The current military leadership is the army of the weak, an army of timeservers more interested in pensions than integrity.

They are like the bishops under Henry VIII who, more interested in their livings than their souls, betrayed their faith and their countrymen. The Pentagon does not commemorate great days in military history, but never passes up the chance to celebrate some diversity event.

Their propaganda machine heralds everything and anybody but the historic American nation. General George Casey, who  said of  the Fort Hood attack  that “as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” was a fool who became Chief of Staff to get him out of the way instead of firing him for incompetence in Iraq.

There are others in this vein as well as Tom RIcks' new book, The Generals illuminates. The "leadership" is scared to death of being called racist, sexist, and soon I suppose homophobic. 

Not one of the top generals or admirals spoke against homosexuals, who if nothing else, are known disease carriers, being admitted to a profession where death or worse is not an occupational hazard, but an occupational expectation.

They want to recruit foreigners because they need the bodies and no one has the gumption to say Americans are not signing up for useless wars. And of what use are the Third Worlders who can't speak or write in clear English to comprehend weapons systems or even deliver a cogent situation report?

Heaven forbid the draft should be mentioned.

Today draftees are derogated as an inferior life form based on using the wrong baseline from the seventies and being invincibly ignorant of the fact that the both World Wars were won by draftees.

Our current military leadership peers into the mirror and are  pleased at the sight of their own imperfections.

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