A Military Reader Reports That The Pentagon Ignored V-E Day, But Is Preparing For The Next War By Recruiting Transgendered Illegals
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From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

Once again in the Pentagon, V-E Day was celebrated in the usual way—it was ignored. [VDARE.com Note: For the benefit of young readers who were taught American History in public school, May 8, 1945 was Victory In Europe Day, marking the end of the European phase of the Second World War.]

The greatest feat of arms in modern history is not even a footnote to those who now lead the U.S. military and naval services, who fill the air with their empty phrases about the heroes of our latest foreign misadventures, and who are soon to raise the curtain in a new African theater as AFRICOM (the US Africa Command) stumbles about a continent where the British and French experience is deemed irrelevant.

Meanwhile the Secretary of Defense, the esteemed former Sergeant Chuck Hagel, ponders admitting "transgenders" to the ranks (which ought to bring about an interesting confrontation with lesbians in the line). Let us not leave out the illegal aliens in our military midst whom our forward-thinking leadership wants to admit to our jolly band of brothers. [National: Does Your Congressman Support Illegal Aliens Joining our Military?, Fair.org, April 7, 2014 ]

If Mr. Snowden and the naturalized Chinese laboring in our defense labs betrayed the country, surely admitting those whose first allegiance is to Mexico ought to give pause. Will the Pentagon now create a force of Spanish-speaking mercenaries under their own officers whose fealty is not to the Stars and Stripes?

The Pentagon's abolition of our historical memory bespeaks a worrisome sentiment.

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