THE TWITTER FILES (3): Release The Files On Twitter’s Enabling ADL, SPLC Censorship!
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PLEASE NOTE: This is the third part of a three-part series describing the three-headed Hydra threatening free speech on Twitter. Read part 1 about Twitter and FBI, CIA and DHS spooks here. Read about the Twitter enabling Antifa in part 2.

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If Elon Musk is serious about rooting out the censorship and bias on Twitter, there is no more critical threat to global free speech than the multi-billion-dollar Censorship Lobby including groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Transparency requires Musk to release the “Twitter Files”—its internal documents—on the backchannel influence these groups have exerted on Twitter moderation decisions.

While both organizations have the same objective—the suppression of conservative and nationalist speech online—they aim to achieve it in different ways. The SPLC partners with vicious Antifa gangs to dox and harass political dissidents, while the ADL flexes its frightening influence over the federal government and Silicon Valley, in collaboration with many current and former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials.

These Left-Totalitarians brag about training law enforcement in their twisted view of the U.S. Constitution as they work to turn online media into an iron fist for suppressing dissent under the guise of controlling “hate” and “violence.”

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey initially placed both organizations on Twitter’s (recently dissolved) Trust and Safety Council, which recommended policies on censorship.

As profiled in my earlier work for, SPLC lead spokesthug Michael Edison Hayden is a proudly self-proclaimed “antifascist” who regularly incorporates Antifa doxes in his reporting, uses Twitter to coordinate with fellow extremists, communicates with Twitter officials about deplatforming decisions and uses his account to promote the most notorious Antifa ideologues:

More recently I caught SPLC spokesman Hayden encouraging violent Antifa groups via Twitter to disrupt a conference hosting conservative speakers including Donald Trump Jr. and U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

(’s Peter and Lydia Brimelow were guests at the NYYR gala and were duly featured in Hayden’s report smearing the group. Hayden was also recently in’s new hometown of Berkeley Springs WV trying to stir up local opposition, with hearteningly little success.)

Hayden’s fellow SPLC staff, like Senior Researcher Hannah Gais, are in constant communication with Antifa extremists via Twitter.


In the past, the SPLC has apparently been willing to hire violent Antifa street goons like Matt O’Dea of Juneau, Wisconsin, who alleged that he was hired because of his years of “confronting fascists in the street.”

O’Dea described his confrontational style on Facebook: “I come from a time and era where if you see a fascist you bash them. You fuck them up.”

These connections to violent street thugs, online doxers, and anti-speech extremists are particularly concerning because of the SPLC’s historical relationship with the FBI. According to former SPLC “Intelligence Project” Director Heidi Beirich, “We have frequent contact with FBI agents on a whole range of issues and we’ve trained them in the past” [SPLC Claims Ongoing FBI Relationship, by Austin Ruse, Breitbart, March 27, 2014].

Additionally, both Hayden and Gais have relied on the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), a federally funded consortium with a direct portal to Twitter for requesting censorship of social media posts. Hayden used EIP on at least two separate occasions, in articles attacking journalists Tim Pool and Jack Posobiec and pressuring Twitter to escalate censorship.

EIP has been revealed by researchers as a thinly veiled DHS front for laundering censorship requests to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook [Probe launched into Homeland Security’s ‘taxpayer-funded censorship campaign,’ by Casey Harper, The Center Square, November 3, 2022].

When contacted by me for comment, Hayden refused to denounce the EIP and stated that he did not regret using them as a source in his articles, even after learning that they were a federal government front operation.

Until 2019, SPLC was a member of Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council,” where it played a more formal role in censorship discussions and “hate speech” policy. SPLC was only removed after getting rocked by a “racism” and “sexism” scandal of its own, which ultimately engulfed cofounder Morris Seligman Dees Jr. and others [Facebook, Google, Amazon Silent For Days After Twitter Drops SPLC, by Chris White, Daily Caller, April 15, 2019].

In some critical ways the SPLC really isn’t in the same league as the ADL. The SPLC flexes its associations with Antifa doxers and street thugs. Big name former Alphabet agents aren’t commonplace in their front-facing staff directories.

In contrast, the ADL is mobbed up with CIA, FBI and Deep State apparatchiks who pull levers in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley. You could view it as a private, but government-sanctioned, political police. It uses other entities like corporate media as its propaganda vehicle and the FBI as its enforcement arm.


The ADL was listed as a member of the Trust and Safety Council and a consultant on “Online Safety and Harassment” right up until December 2022. As this article was being written, Twitter thankfully decided to dissolve it [Musk’s Twitter disbands its Trust and Safety advisory group, by Matt O’Brien and Barbara Ortutay, Associated Press, December 13, 2022].

Like pre-Elon Twitter, the ADL is a revolving door of Alphabet Agency cops and spooks. In August 2017, the ADL hired Department of Homeland Security Director of the Office for Community Partnerships George Selim to be the newly created Senior Vice President of Programs, reporting directly to ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. According to an ADL press release, Selim leads “education, law enforcement, and community security programs, and oversee[s] its Center on Extremism.” Selim is now the ADL’s Senior Vice President for National Affairs.

George Selim, ADL Senior Vice President for National Affairs

There has been a shocking turnaround in the ADL’s relationship to the FBI since the 1990s, when the ADL was under investigation for operating an illegal spy ring which included improperly obtained files on some 12,000 individuals and 950 organizations. The ADL’s spy ring was run by a self-proclaimed CIA agent and FBI informant named Roy Bullock [ADL’s Spy Ring, by Al Miskin, Middle East Research and Information Project, July/August 1993].

Former CIA and ADL operative Roy Bullock

Ultimately, charges were dropped [FBI Investigated Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for Espionage, Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, December 6, 2013].

Current FBI Director Chris Wray was recently a featured speaker at the ADL’s “Never Is Now Summit” on November 10, 2022 [Director Wray Addresses ADL at Never Is Now Summit,, November 10, 2022]. During his speech, Wray repeatedly compared his FBI to “Nazi Hunters,” thanked the ADL for training his special agents at a Holocaust Museum, and even took jabs at online “Hate Speech.”

Wray said:

The main reason I took this job was my belief in the FBI’s core values and mission—to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. And I think our mission gels very well with yours: “To stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” [Emphasis added]

Director Wray is obviously mistaken if he thinks upholding the Constitution has anything at all to do with silencing criticism of the ADL and its sponsors.

Despite Wray’s claims, the ADL’s subversive agenda does not “gel” with the Constitution. They have time and time again staked out a position in favor of “Hate Speech” laws that proliferate in Europe but are anathema to the American legal code and way of life.

Thus in a November 18, 2011 speech in Berlin on “Holocaust Denial and Freedom of Speech in the Internet Era” at a meeting organized by the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, Christopher Wolf, the founder of the ADL’s Orwellian “Task force on Internet Hate,” lamented the “limits of the law to remedy online hate” in America and celebrated the incarceration of Holocaust skeptics abroad. He added:

But the prosecutions do not address or affect as a deterrent the growth of online hate speech... such as passing comments on news sites, Facebook postings and Twitter feeds
[Holocaust Denial and Freedom of Speech in the Internet Era,, June 9, 2012]

The ADL covets influence within the Deep State security state apparatus. After all, its primary objective is expanding censorship and controlling the flow of information. As previously mentioned, the DHS-funded entity EIP has a direct portal to interface with Twitter and submit takedown requests. Additionally, internal communications in the “Twitter Files” indicate head honchos met for “weekly syncs” with DHS (as well as FBI and CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency).

When former Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, who is Jewish, wanted help shutting down the 2017 Unite the Right rally (full disclosure: I was the legal permit holder), he knew to reach out to a connection at the ADL, who was able to put him in contact with one of the ADL’s pet FBI agents.

We know from the Charlottesville Independent Review (the “Heaphy Report”) that FBI agents were on hand in the “Unified Command Center” where Charlottesville’s black Chief of Police Al Thomas told his subordinates, “Let them fight. It will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

Needless to say, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, has emerged as one of the central antagonists of Elon Musk’s Twitter venture, criticizing it every step of the way and demanding censorship against high profile figures like Kanye West and Donald Trump.

[NAACP and ADL call for Twitter ad boycott after Musk reinstates Trump, by Kate Gibson, CBS News, November 22, 2022]

At a recent appearance, on the black-themed syndicated radio show Breakfast Club, Greenblatt bragged about having tentacles inside of Twitter from the very beginning.

In 2017, the ADL opened a Silicon Valley command center, known as the Center for Technology and Society

…to monitor, track, analyze and mitigate hate speech and harassment across the Internet, in support of the Jewish community and other minority groups.
[ADL to Build Silicon Valley Center to Monitor & Fight Cyberhate; Omidyar Network Provides Seed Funding,, March 12, 2017]

Although whites are now the minority in many parts of the country, there has never been a documented case where the ADL has combated online hate against white people, which is very telling.

The Center for Technology and Society was originally led by Department of Justice (DOJ) Jewish Attorney Britt Heller, who was “charged with pushing Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter to eliminate hateful content from their platforms” (Fighting hate on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: Brittan Heller, by Ethan Baron, Mercury News, September 27, 2018].

According to Heller, the ADL has members in “all the major tech companies like Facebook and Google, Apple and Microsoft, Twitter.” [Emphasis added] In 2017, she “used data analysis to find 2.6 million discriminatory tweets and identify the main accounts behind them.” Based on those censorship requests, Twitter suspended 2,000 accounts at the behest of the ADL [Tech’s Swift Reaction To Hate Groups Was Years In The Making, by Sean Captain, Fast Company, August 18, 2017].

As of September 2022, the new leader of the ADL’s Silicon Valley command center is Yael Eisenstat, a former CIA analyst and Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations at Facebook [ADL Announces Yael Eisenstat to Lead Center for Technology and Society,, September 29, 2022]. She used that bully pulpit to push for changes to Facebook’s algorithm, which reduced visibility of conservative and nationalist content. Her censorship recommendations were apparently too extreme even for Facebook, so she left for the ADL, where she could take a more radical stance [Yaël Eisenstat: ‘Facebook is ripe for manipulation and viral misinformation,’ by Ian Tucker, The Guardian, July 26, 2020].

Another reason the ADL hired Eisenstat: She was an advisor to then–Vice President Joe Biden. Clearly there was an expectation that she would be able to help the ADL influence the current administration.

Eisenstat is a Trump-obsessed left-Totalitarian who vehemently advocated banning the sitting U.S. president from social media. She also thinks there should be “U.S. laws to address social media’s responsibility to protect our democracy” [How to Hold Social Media Accountable for Undermining Democracy, by Yael Eisenstat, Harvard Business Review, January 11, 2021]. In other words, to restrict populist conversations that obsessive-compulsive managerial class elitists like herself don’t think the public should be having. Like what Kanye West was saying about Jewish supremacy and power in the West.

Here are some of the ADL’s credentials in social media censorship:

In summary: There is a vast tyrannical movement against online freedom and towards censorship, which can be referred to as “antifascism.” It ranges from the ground-level troops hip to the Antifa subculture and street rioting to software engineers and content moderators at major social media companies like Twitter.

It also extends all the way to the most powerful Deep State operatives in agencies like DHS, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and CISA. These folks may have a more buttoned-up approach and eschew associations with violent street thugs. But ultimately, their work at organizations like ADL and SPLC serves the same purpose: controlling the chokepoints to the free flow of information online.

Elon Musk has a platinum-plated opportunity to take the lid off this nest of vipers and the communist coup they are attempting to achieve in America. He can bring Truth and Reconciliation (to coin a phrase) by releasing the “Twitter Files” that expose the company’s complicity with the ADL and SPLC to censor and suppress Americans’ speech online.

Jason Kessler (email him) is a journalist and civil rights activist. He was the permit holder for the 2017 Unite The Right Charlottesville rally, which was notoriously mugged by elected, uniformed, judicial, paramilitary and media DemocratsHe has had bylines in, Daily Caller (which has deleted his archive in a fit of cowardice), and the now-defunct GotNews as well as on his own site Follow him on TelegramGaband Twitter. Subscribe to his news and opinion show ‘Happenings’ on Odysee and Bitchute.


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