“G.O.P. Lawmakers, and Extremists”—NEW YORK TIMES. Lydia And I Dare To Attend The New York Young Republicans Gala
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The SPLC’s stalkers caught Lydia and myself taking a selfie with former Trump Strategist Steve Bannon.

Readers may have noticed that VDARE.com, Lydia and I emerged from the Regime Media blackout to enjoy fifteen brief seconds of fame after attending the New York Young Republicans Gala on Saturday night (December 10). This is as usual because the Regime Media thinks it can use us to smear one of its targets—in this case, the dynamic NYYR group, under its very impressive President, Gavin Mario Wax. (In 2020 Wax did a podcast with John Derbyshire  for us, rescued from the subsequent YouTube purge here.) A telling aspect: apparently this coverage was triggered by the Southern Poverty Law Center communist vigilante group, whose notorious enforcer Michael Edison Hayden [Tweet him], along with sidekick Hannah Gais [Tweet her] disingenuously infiltrated the NYYR Gala on Saturday night and eavesdropped on private conversations. Does the Regime Media do no independent reporting at all? Also: NYYR used the Nick Fuentes flash conference model, announcing the venue to attendees only just before the start. Obscene and threatening protestors still showed up. (Alerted by Hayden?) They were contained by the New York City Police Department. But in a free country, why are these precautions necessary?

The SPLC smear is here:  White Nationalists, Other Republicans Brace for ‘Total War,’ by Hayden and Gais, SPLCENTER, December 11, 2022. Leftist echo-chambering can be seen at the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Slate, and even the Washington Post.

One victim of Hayden’s eavesdropping: Newsweek Op Ed Editor Josh Hammer.

A Hatewatch reporter approached Hammer after Greene’s speech, made an introduction, and asked if he knew Peter Brimelow of VDARE.

“He’s right here, right now?” Hammer asked with excitement.

“I didn’t even know he was here!” Hammer said of the infamous white nationalist publisher. “I’m going to say ‘Hi.’”

The Hatewatch reporter asked Hammer how he got his job at Newsweek, and the opinion editor abruptly stopped talking. He asked the reporter to identify himself again. When the reporter did, Hammer’s expression slackened. He quickly claimed he did not know Peter Brimelow and left.

Of course, the Hatewatch “reporter” was in fact a communist activist. And, needless to say, no account such people give of any verbatim conversation can be trusted. But, for the record, Hammer and I have never had any contact at all. (Although I do think Newsweek has become more interesting recently.)

By Monday, impelled by a hyperventilating White House statement, the Regime Media switched in typically suspicious unison to pearl-clutching about VDARE.com to pearl-clutching about Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s jibe that, if she actually had been in charge of the Jan. 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest (as has been unscrupulously insinuated), “we would have won” [White House condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claim she ’would have won’ Jan. 6 attack, by Joey Garrison, USA Today, December 12, 2022].

Of course, Taylor Greene’s comment were obviously sarcastic. But Leftists have no sense of humor. (And, above all, they want to believe their own propaganda.)

Now, however, VDARE.com has just resurfaced in the New York Times: A New York Gala Draws Incoming G.O.P. Lawmakers, and Extremists, by Jonathan Weisman, December 14, 2022.

Attendees included Peter Brimelow, the founder of the anti-immigration website VDare, which publishes writings by white nationalists and which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group. 

(Links in original.)

Nathan E. Berger, the vice president of the Young Republican Club, said that anyone who wanted to buy a ticket was allowed in, including the Southern Poverty Law Center writers, and that the group had no intention of hosting a gathering of extremists.

“I’d explicitly state we did not invite anyone who a reasonable person would characterize as a white supremacist or a white nationalist,” said Mr. Berger, who noted that he is Jewish, as is Mr. Wax.

NYT’s Weisman went on:

Mr. Brimelow—whose VDare website traffics in anti-immigrant rhetoric and sensationalist articles on Black-on-white crime  [VDARE.com links]—defended the incoming lawmakers’ presence in an email to The New York Times.

He wrote that the attendance of a member of Congress and three soon-to-be members [New York’s George Santos, Georgia’s Mike Collins and Florida’s Cory Mills] “shows that the most dynamic Republican activists recognize that National Conservatism in general, and immigration patriotism in particular, are winning issues—and that they’re not afraid of the usual smears and name-calling from, to pick a random example, The New York Times.”

Mr. Brimelow said he would not divulge private conversations he had at the event.

Mr. Brimelow is a former editor at Forbes Magazine, and has been on the radar screen of civil rights groups for years. The Anti-Defamation League describes him as a white supremacist, a label that he has rejected. He said in 2018, “My heart is with civic nationalism, but my head is with racial nationalism.” At a white nationalist conference in 2017, he spoke of “ethnic specialization in crime” and said Hispanics specialize in rape. [Links in original]

Up to this point, Weisman was remarkably even-handed, but he proceeded:

Mr. Brimelow unsuccessfully sued The Times for defamation in 2020, claiming it was defamatory to call him a “white nationalist.”

It surprises me that this got past the New York Times’ fact-checking bureaucracy. We actually sued the New York Times because it called me an “open white nationalist.” The New York Times subsequently corrected this factual assertion with a stealth edit. From our point of view, the high point of our litigation was when Katherine Polk Failla, an Obama appointee to the District Court, acknowledged that the factual assertion was actionable. But, absurdly, she held that I had been made whole by the NYT stealth edit, notwithstanding the fact that the NYT was refusing to honor its public commitment to acknowledging all such changes in print.

As a bonus, here’s Gavin Mario Wax’s barn-burning Presidential Address:

”So no more bringing a knife to a gunfight. When they ballot harvest, we ballot harvest. When they vote early, we vote early; when they mail in, we mail in. When they litigate, we litigate."

"Fight. Win. Govern."

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of VDARE.com. His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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