MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Gov. Stitt, Mayor Holt Crow As Mexican Meddlers Open Oklahoma City Consulate—Constituents React Badly
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It’s official. A Mexican consulate will open in Oklahoma City this spring. Governor Kevin Stitt and Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt, both Republicans, are crowing, apparently because they think a new consulate means Oklahoma is no longer just flyover country; the city is no longer a one-horse town. It’s a bustling “global hub,” serving the needs of its many Oklahomans of “Mexican descent.” Yeah, and it’s now home to yet another hive of busy bees who will meddle in federal, state, and local affairs on behalf of Mexicans who live here—legally and illegally.

You have to ask: What was this pair of jokers thinking? Answer: They weren’t, at least not about the interests of their fellow Sooners and Americans. For those who are thinking, reasons abound to oppose the consulate.

There are already 51 Mexican consulates in the United States.  It’s the largest consular network in the world. That’s more than one per state, and more than enough.

Second, Mexican consulates are centers of subversion. They promote illegal immigration. They meddle in U.S. politics. They promote dual citizenship. They undermine the loyalty of Mexican-Americans to the country in which they were born or welcomed them as naturalized citizens. Thus, consulates work against assimilation and, even worse, American sovereignty.

And as I observed last year, the Mexican Foreign Ministry inadvertently revealed another problem with the consulate when it touted its location as “ideal for distribution to the entire country.” Yeah, it’s ideal alright… for drug smugglers and human traffickers, because it’s a hub for three interstate highways: I-35, I-40 and I-44.

That isn’t to suggest that consular officials would be involved in such nefarious doings. But it does mean they might unknowingly provide assistance to criminal illegal aliens at a strategic distribution center for drugs and sex slaves.

Despite all that, Stitt and Holt pushed hard for the consulate. That, and their gushing remarks about the new station for subversion, suggest that they don’t know what Mexican consulates do, or if they do know, they don’t care.

The new Mexican consul is white Mexican diplomat Edurne Pineda, formerly the consul in Atlanta, Georgia, and before that, the deputy in Dallas, Texas. She is already in Oklahoma City getting things ready.  The consulate is to open in late spring. 

I have nothing against her personally, but I have a whole lot against her new job, and the two men who pushed hard to get her there.

“Gov. Stitt has been advocating for the opening of this consulate and visited Mexico last year to present this proposal to the Government of Mexico,” Stitt’s opening announcement said:

Over the past two years the governor has worked to embrace and address the needs of the Latino community and today’s announcement serves as a testament to the longevity of that commitment.

[Governor Stitt Announces Mexican Consulate Coming to Oklahoma City in Spring 2023,, December 13, 2022]

Note that the announcement doesn’t distinguish between immigrants (legal and illegal) and native-born members of the “Latino community.” It raises the question of whether U.S. citizenship means anything, and just why “the Latino community” (Stitt apparently means Mexicans) need a consulate.

Stitt claims “these Oklahomans can get the services they need right here in our state, rather [than] driving hours across state lines for simple paperwork.”

Wait a minute! “Oklahomans”?! Oklahomans, of whatever ancestry, don’t need consular services, apart from doing international business.

And “driving hours across state lines” should not be a hardship for people who came all the way from Mexico, some of them on foot. Options abound for those “Oklahomans” who need consular services. Dallas is a mere three hours or so down Interstate 35. Mexicans in northern Oklahoma can head to Kansas City, while those in eastern Oklahoma can travel to Little Rock. Residents of the Panhandle can drive to Albuquerque or Denver.

Mexicans tend to speed. The drive won’t take that long.

But Mayor Holt’s reasoning was even worse:

Establishing this Mexican consulate continues Oklahoma City’s emergence as a global city, and it is also a welcome amenity for our 100,000 metro OKC residents of Mexican descent.

Translation: Oklahoma City is no longer a backwater, an out-of-the-way Hicksville where the most lively entertainment is the Barnyard Birthing Center at the state fair!

And what of those “100,000 metro OKC residents of Mexican descent?” That phrasing means they were born here, and are U.S. citizens, so, again, they don’t need consular services.

Tellingly, Holt explained just who lobbied him to lobby the Mexican government for a consulate:

Our longtime Consul General in Little Rock was always a fierce advocate, and he encouraged me to write my first letter of support to the Mexican government in 2018. Community leaders have continued the conversation ever since, and Governor Stitt carried the message to Mexico himself. We thank the Mexican government for their commitment and I congratulate everyone who helped us attain this milestone.

Here’s how you might describe a Mexican who pushes an American official to lobby for a consulate: meddling in American affairs.

Of course, Stitt and Holt tweeted news of their accomplishment.

“I’m excited to announce a Mexican consulate is coming to OKC next spring!” Stitt wrote:

Oklahomans will be able to get the services they need right here in our state, rather than driving hours across state lines for simple paperwork. I look forward to working with Consul @EnpaPineda!


But their constituents’ replies were not so hopeful:

You’re utterly pathetic. You might as well just step down and let the Mexican government select your successor.

Are they really Oklahomans if they need a foreign consulate?

Oklahoma will be a blue state in 10-15 years

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You guys ever notice that the people telling us to “respect democracy” are the same ones importing a new electorate?

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Even leftists had something to say … about Stitt. It was the usual:

This doesn’t make you any less racist.

Similarly, the consulate is a “testament to our commitment to serving our growing Mexican community,” Stitt continued:

Thank you to Mayor @davidfholt, the @okcchamber and all of our partners who worked together to help make this consulate possible.

Oklahomans did not agree:

Way to go in “normalizing” illegal immigration. Do you even know or care what your constituents want? Linda Oliver

“Growing Mexican community,” I guess those thousands crossing the border illegally are headed here?

You can pander all you like but they’re not going to vote for you. Eventually when Oklahoma has the demographics of southern Texas it’ll be a blue state. It’s a while down the road but politicians like you do nothing to stop it.

Stitt correctly understood the problem with sovereignty posed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt decision, which, as I reported, ridiculously declared that eastern Oklahoma is an Indian reservation.

Yet he’s totally off base, and at best clueless, about the danger to American sovereignty posed by the expansion of Mexican consulates.

Stitt is not a man to whom the Historic American Nation should look for leadership. Neither is Holt. Both embody exactly what’s wrong with the GOP: compulsive nonstop Hispandering.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan‘s wife is from Mexico and is now a U.S. citizen, their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his Border Hawk blog archive is here, his website is here.

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