DOXING THE DOXERS: Half-Egyptian Rich Kid SPLC Enforcer Michael Edison Hayden Is A Weirdo. What Else Is New?
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Before failed playwright Michael Edison Hayden [Tweet him] became an “investigative reporter” and spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC), he was a Regime Media JournoFa who covered the “Far Right” for Newsweek and wrote for other top publications. But, like the rest of the doxers has doxed, he turns out to be a spoiled rich kid who spends a whole lot of time trying to ruin ordinary Americans financially and professionally. And as readers know from his report about its new HQ at the Berkeley Springs Castle in West Virginia, he tolerates threats of violence from his followers on Twitter. Of course, he’s a boon companion of Antifa thugs and uses them as sources to dox $PLC’s enemies. He’s the face of the communist coup enabled by the Biden Regime.


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You’d think Hayden, 42, would be more careful about his associates given his background. His father, Robert T. Hayden, is the assistant District Attorney for Nassau County in New York State. 2020 Salary: $172,694 [Nassau County Payroll, Newsday]. His mother, Egyptian immigrant Magda Antoun Hayden, is a senior vice president at Bank of America. Salary: $223,359–$341,074 [].

Sadly, Hayden seems conflicted about his parentage. He writes glowingly about his mother as an immigrant, but mentions his father only in passing and never by name.

Maybe it wouldn’t do Pop Hayden, who is after all an officer of the court, any good to be tied to $PLC and to a son who tiptoes around the edge of breaking the law.

Robert Hayden, Assistant District Attorney Nassau County, and Bank of America’s Magda Antoun Hayden.

Robert Hayden, Assistant District Attorney Nassau County, and Bank of America’s Magda Antoun Hayden.

The Haydens reside in Port Washington, New York, an affluent hamlet that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s East Egg in The Great Gatsby. It’s one of “America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes” with a median home price of $1.32 million [Full List: America's Most Expensive ZIP Codes 2017, by Samantha Sharf, Forbes, November 28, 2017].


Michael Hayden and sister Katie

Hayden attended private and pricey (currently $80,000 a year) New York University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Playwriting and Screenwriting. His Master of Fine Arts (MFA) came from the Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa in 2007.

Hayden’s sister, Katie, lives in Los Angeles. She too is a Leftist extremist and likes several Antifa affiliated pages on Facebook.

One of her favorites, The Capitalism Kills page, encourages fans to “Find and build your local Communist party” and reveres abolitionist mass murderer John Brown, hanged for his raid on Harpers Ferry VA in 1859.

“Capitalism Kills” is rich coming from a girl whose mother works for one of the biggest banks on the planet and pulls down about 10 times the $31K salary of the average American.

Significantly, since Hayden began doxing anonymous patriot activists for the SPLC, he has become much more secretive about his own personal information. In 2019, he published “A Guide to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)”  in the Columbia Journalism Review which, among other things, detailed the steps he has taken to scrub his own personal information from the internet and public databases. For instance:

  • Don’t post any personal information or family images to Twitter.
  • Use products like Delete Me to remove yourself from personal information websites like and Spokeo:
  • Delete Me doesn’t cover LexisNexis, so send them a separate contact here:’


  • If you choose to lock Facebook down, rather than delete your account, remove all public facing posts and change your name to something only your closest friends recognize.

Pictured: This is Hayden’s private Facebook account.

As a consequence of these measures, Hayden’s current location is unknown. However, since returning to the U.S. from Mumbai, Hayden has been photographed in New York on a number of occasions, for instance, at a New York Islanders hockey game (in Brooklyn) with his sister and in Little Italy (a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan) with his son. Apparently, he isn’t required to check in to the SPLC’s Montgomery AL Poverty Palace.

Michael Hayden’s wife is an Indian national, Aadya Bedi, whom he met at the University of Iowa. The Haydens have moved back and forth between Mumbai and New York, continuing his family’s tradition of treating America not as a distinct entity with values and culture, but as a stomping ground for jet-setting internationalists [A Child Without a Country, by Michael Edison Hayden, Open Magazine, July 17, 2013].

As for Hayden’s “journalism” career, it’s impressive, despite little or no training. He stumbled into the industry during his time as an expat in India, where he embedded himself (so to speak) in the “transgender” community, yet again proving that Leftists are obsessed with sexual perversion [India's Third Gender, Pulitzer Center, July 31, 2014]. Aside from three grants from the Pulitzer Center for crisis reporting, he’s written for the New York Times, the Times of London, and even National Geographic.

Ironically, it wasn’t so long ago, reporting from India, that Hayden decried censorship as a human rights abuse:

Last Week, Freedom House, an American non-governmental agency that monitors civil liberties including the right to information, reported that India had seen the ‘most significant year-on-year’ decline in terms of internet freedom of any of the 60 countries surveyed. …

By applying India’s often-frivolous censorship standards of television and cinema to the web, the country’s current leadership may be opening the door for future generations of politicians to exploit these precedents in ways we cannot yet imagine. …

[A]s censorship on the web continues quietly to become a large-scale problem in this country, it may be the State that has the last laugh. If so, it will be at the expense of your liberty.

[ Who’s Laughing Now?, by Michael Edison Hayden, Open Magazine, October 9, 2013]

Now, Hayden uses the nearly unlimited riches of the SPLC to lobby Silicon Valley giants to censor and deplatform American political dissidents.

His propaganda has been instrumental in pushing the American government to target domestic dissidents as “domestic terrorists” in a farcical redux of the disastrous War on Terror. Anyone who criticizes these heavy-handed policies of surveillance, censorship and targeted persecution, Hayden labels an “anti-government” extremist. The SPLC then pushes that label to intensify Regime persecution.

In a recent rambling pro-censorship screed for the SPLC, Hayden argued that right-wing speech must be banned from social media because it is “exacerbating mental illness and anxiety” for the Left [We Make Mistakes’: Twitter’s Embrace of the Extreme Far Right, July 7, 2021].

Of course, those Hayden wants censored are only his political enemies and almost exclusively White. He admits that he’s not so much a journalist as an “anti-fascist” activist. His weapon is doxing.

In 2019, online extremist researcher Eoin Lenihan outed Hayden. Lenihan “mapped the social interactions of 58,254 Antifa affiliated Twitter accounts” [Mapping the connections between a designated domestic terror group and the MSM: Reporters from liberal outlets busted working with dangerous Antifa members, by News Editors, Domestic Terrorism, May 22, 2019]. Data showed that Hayden was in the top 2 percent of Twitter users who were tight with Antifa.


Of course, the SPLC covers for these communist vigilantes by refusing to call Antifa organizations what they are: Hate and Terror groups [Southern Poverty Law Center Won’t Call Antifa a ‘Hate Group’ Despite Violence, Censorship Efforts, by Juan Leon, Washington Free Beacon, September 5, 2017]. With $PLC’s bazillions behind him, Hayden openly peddles propaganda from violent Antifa groups through his Twitter account.





But Hayden’s work with Antifa goes beyond transmitting its toxic hate. Hayden has boasted about sending Antifa thugs to the homes of his victims.

“We’re going to find the tiny bald man soon,” he wrote on Gab about Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin. “I know some antifash Cincy who can make this drive. Gonna be fun.”

In addition to that implicit threat of physical violence, Hayden also threatened to harass the families of those who refuse to speak with him.

Hayden also countenanced threats of violence in replies to his tweet about the VDARE Foundation’s headquarters, the Berkeley Castle in Berkeley Springs WV. Followers discussed thermite bombs. One wonders what paterfamilias District Attorney Robert Hayden might think about that threat.

Also of note, given Hayden’s Twitter feed, is what he told (13:44) Christopher Cantwell, a Leftist lawfare target because his presence at events in Charlottesville in 2017: If one of Cantwell’s social media followers harmed Hayden, Cantwell could be sued.

Two-tier justice: last year after that thread, a federal court convicted right-wing activist Daniel McMahon for threatening a black candidate for elected office on social media…in much the same way Hayden and his Antifa pals threaten those they don’t like [Florida 'antifa hunter' sentenced to three years after threatening Black political candidate, activist, by Tim Stelloh, NBC News, August 31, 2020].

Recall that $PLC itself has inspired terrorist attacks, notably the shooting at the Family Research Council in 2013. $PLC was also linked to the attempted assassination of Congressman Steve Scalise and other members of the GOP Congressional baseball team [Support for Southern Poverty Law Center links Scalise, Family Research Council shooters, by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, June 14, 2017].

When the feds will come for Hayden, $PLC, and their Antifa comrades, or someone will sue them, we are not given to know.

Aside from tacitly encouraging violence against others, Hayden also stigmatizes blue-collar white Americans who worry about losing their jobs to immigrants. He calls The Great Replacement a “conspiracy theory”—even though $PLC itself tracks those displacement numbers.

The Hayden rationale: If we allow Americans to question immigration policy, terror attacks will ensue. Thus, mass censorship is justified:


Caption: A note on the wall of former $PLC researcher Mark Potok from the documentary Alt-Right: Age of Rage.

Funny thing about that: On November 13, 2019, Hayden appeared on the explicitly Leninist podcast, While Hayden chuckled approval, Esha Krishnaswamy advocated The Great Replacement that Hayden says is a “conspiracy theory:”

Democrats want (mass immigration policies) to get more votes. I wish the Democrats did that. Because like, imagine if Obama hadn’t deported 3 million people? And just give them amnesty like Ronald Reagan? We would not have had President Trump. But sadly, the Democrats are not trying to bring in more brown people to get more votes.

[ Podcast w/ Esha Krishnaswamy, November 13, 2019 / Timestamp: 3:30]      


But back to the Hayden-Antifa Connection. Antifa touts its “diversity of tactics,” a mixture of nonviolent pressure campaigns, blockades, and censorship backed by explicit violence [Diversity of Tactics or Unity in Action, by Paul D’Amato, SocialistWorker, March 26, 2012].

Wouldn’t you know it, Hayden might be the first Antifa journalist to explicitly endorse “reporting with a diversity of tactics,” as he told the It’s All Journalism podcast in 2019.

LIke other JournoFa such as Jared Holt and Christopher Mathias, Hayden proudly uses Antifa’s “research” to dox and smear. One source is Anonymous Comrade Collective, a vicious Antifa doxxing group [Neo-Nazi ‘Fixer’ of the Alt-Right Identified, June 21, 2021]. For a hit piece in Newsweek, he accepted information at face value from It’s Going Down, an Antifa website at which users report on “direct actions,” including rioting, arson, and terroristic sabotage of communication and transportation infrastructure [“Antifa” Responsible for Sutherland Springs Murders, According to Far-Right Media, November 5 2017]. Nor did Hayden fully explain IGD’s activities, such as suggesting the guillotine for former President Trump five days after he was elected, and organizing riots in Washington, D.C. when he was inaugurated.

In a significant violation of his profession’s ethical canon, Hayden appeared on an IGD podcast on which he described covering the “Far Right” for Newsweek.

Imagine how Hayden would react if a MSM reporter, who covered the Far Left and favored deporting illegal aliens, appeared on a podcast.

 You can’t, of course, because, like Hayden, MSM reporters favor The Great Replacement.


The kind of protest favored by Michael Edison Hayden’s “source,” It’s Going Down.


It’s Going Down encourages Black Bloc riot tactics.

In another podcast in which he self-identified as an anti-fascist, Hayden said that “100 percent Antifa” murderer Michael Reinoehl’s death in a gunfight with U.S. marshals was a “total gift” to Andy Ngo’s Twitter followers. They, Hayden claimed, were “so excited” the terrorist was shot to death.

Hayden said much the same thing on Twitter in a thread that claimed Reinoehl “went out by the feds in a hail of bullets.” Well, yeah, he did … after he threw down on the feds and refused to surrender.

Hayden is hostile to Ngo, the target of a brutal assault by Antifa goons. He’s “not a journalist but Twitter lets him play one online,” Hayden tweeted

And of course Hayden wants to deplatform Nick Fuentes.

Hayden isn’t a journalist either, but anyway, he trolls Twitter by pretending to care about terms of service violations. And of course, he implicates Fox News, Breitbart, Trump, White Nationalists and others in terrorist attacks by advocating policies like reduced immigration or pro-white causes.

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Hayden’s real purpose isn’t, of course, fighting against “violence.” Most anyone who discusses immigration restriction or even advocates White Nationalism is not, unlike Hayden’s bosom buddies in BLM and Antifa, prone to violence. Hayden manufactures panic about “right-wing violence” so that he, with help from the Biden Regime and Big Tech, can censor patriots and deprive millions of Trump supporters the means to communicate with each other. That will stop them from rebuilding a winning political movement [They forget that 75 million voted for him:’ Trump supporters reject Biden, AFP, January 20, 2021].

In Hayden’s own words:

[White nationalists] may not be terrorists: I don’t want them on Twitter. You know, let ‘em keep running down handles and keep rescrambling their names or whatever. I want them off. I don’t want them spreading their propaganda. I don’t want to see them. I want them to have as difficult a time to communicate with people as possible.

[Doomed, Episode 46 / Timestamp: 54:45]

Translation: Hayden wants Stalinist censorship on social media for American patriots, but free reign to incite terror for his BLM and Antifa comrades.

Indeed, that’s why Gab, in something of an amusing twist, banned him. Remember his threat to send an Antifa goon squad to Anglin’s home? Hayden “was banned a few years ago for repeatedly breaking our terms of service with regards to threats of violence and doxxing. Mr. Hayden would regularly post private and personal information of other users on Gab without their consent,” Gab founder Andrew Torba told me:

He had also made threatening posts directed at other users on numerous occasions. We take this behavior very seriously which is why we decided to take further action by suspending Mr. Hayden’s account.

Hayden “would often admit to being drunk/drinking late at night on Gab and that’s when he would start provoking users by doxxing and making threats,” Torba added in an email:

He would then get users on Gab to respond in kind and post those messages on Twitter playing the victim. The next morning he would then delete his posts from the night before.


In one Gab post, Hayden confessed that he was “drinking something not coffee in my mug,” and that “I am a total f***ing sh*t mess.”

When I contacted him, Hayden refused to disavow either Antifa or its violence or even speak on the record. So I can’t, and won’t, repeat anything he said.

I can say this: When I pressed him to defend his “journalism,” he was nervous and defensive…like a suspect under the lamp in a police interrogation room.

A final note about Hayden. Like other Leftist doxers such as Mathias, he’s obsessed with perverted sex. Aside from his reports on Indian “transgenders,” he wrote a play called The Books about a dominatrix and a submissive man [The Books, review by Jennifer Rathbone,]. His wife, Aadya Bedi, under the stage name “Mistress Chimera,” performed “a fantasy sequence of sexual domination … adorned in a black latex corset, bob-cropped wig, stiletto boots, and a riding whip. We witness some of the foreplay.”

He wanted his wife to do this?


The answer is unimportant. That any man who would write a play about a dominatrix and put his wife in the lead role tells you everything you need to know.

But hey, consenting adults and all that!

The important thing about Hayden is his inciting a frenzy of hatred against white American patriots. He went from defending free speech for Indians, to being an MSM-$PLC hitman who would shut down free speech for Americans who oppose the radical Left.

When Hayden argues for censoring “disinformation,” he means contrary opinions. When he calls dissent a “conspiracy theory,” he’s attacking the speaker, not refuting facts. And when he calls someone “fringe,” he’s dehumanizing that individual and sending a message to the Twitter mob: attack, attack, attack!

Hayden is every bit the Antifa goon as those black bloc putschists in the streets. Except that he’s actually more dangerous, because of his ability to influence the hate-America Regime Media.

Hayden apparently doesn’t have the courage to “punch a Nazi,” so he hides in his $PLC sinecure and pushes Twitter followers on the one hand and Corporate America on the other to punch for him—literally and figuratively. You might call him Antifa’s propaganda minister.

If The Great Replacement of the Historic American Nation that Hayden supports but calls a “conspiracy theory” succeeds, the crackdown against “white nationalists” and anyone else Hayden doesn’t like will be a simple matter of counting votes.

Jason Kessler [Email him |Tweet him] is a journalist and civil rights activist with bylines in, Daily Caller, UNZ and GotNews. Donate to the Charlottesville Legal Defense.

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