PETER BRIMELOW: We Believe Our Big Ideas Will Ultimately Prevail—But We Need Your Help!
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I’d like to begin by thanking our much-loved readers for helping us meet the $5,000 matching grant that Lydia announced on Friday.’s matching grants are real. Lydia asks a major donor for a major donation—with the proviso that our smaller donors must match it. This definitely incentivizes major donors. And up until now, our smaller donors have always rallied around. But I must admit we were worried this year, which because of the economy is generally agreed to be bad for fund-raising across the spectrum.

Meanwhile, the 117th Congress is concluding its postelection Lame Duck session. Notoriously, this is the time when our elected officials, freed from reelection worries or alternatively aiming for post-Congress lobbying careers, sneak through unpopular legislation.

But I’m delighted to report that the three separate Lame Duck Amnesty initiatives that our reporter Washington Watcher has been warning about—the so-called DREAMER Amnesty, targeted at children allegedly brought in by their illegal alien parents; the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” which would have amnestied illegals allegedly working in agriculture; and the “Veteran Service Recognition Act,” which would have amnestied illegals, and legal immigrants who have committed deportable offenses, if they have served in the U.S. military—all appear to be dead.

(Of course, you never know. Theoretically, the 117th Congress could climb out of its coffin as late as January 2. But our sources cautiously think not.)

The fundamental reason these Treason Lobby /Donor–driven Amnesty initiatives are failing was pinpointed by Washington Post immigration enthusiast Greg Sargent on December 15:

Republican opposition.”

Sargent complained petulantly:

For some Republicans, particularly in the Donald Trump era, the only real “solution” to these problems is to reduce the number of immigrants accepted to as low a number as possible, regardless of the human rights consequences. So they won’t support such a compromise by definition.

Others probably see little political incentive in doing so.

Emphasis added. (Of course, “human rights consequences” = impact on the future Democrat bloc vote.)

This is great news if you’ve been in the Immigration Wars as long as I have. Finally, the immigration issue is precipitating out along partisan lines. That’s how you get change in a two-party system.

And it’s a huge change from the dark Bush-blight years, when arrogant immigration-enthusiast GOP leadership repeatedly tried to override its base. is steadily helping shape this profound change in what grass roots Republicans think about immigration—and in what they are prepared to put up with from their leadership.

But of course defensive victories are not enough. Immigration patriots must go over onto the offensive.’s role here is to THINK BIG—to get decisive ideas into public discourse, beginning with the grass roots.

  • Impeach Biden, and even his Vice President and supposed “immigration czar” Kamala Harris, over their failure to enforce the law at the border.

(It doesn’t even matter whether this succeeds or not—it would focus national debate on the Democrats border treason, about which most Americans are still unaware.)

  • Abolish Birthright Citizenship.

(This would immediately remove the Democrat Party’s incentive to import illegals—their U.S.-born children will never be able to outvote Americans.)

  • A Moratorium on Legal Immigration
  • Abolish the Refugee Act.

(This currently allows Democrats to import scores of thousands of Third Worlders and dump them on defenseless Red States.)

  • A moratorium on asylum claims until the border crisis is solved

(This is the loophole through which, in recent years, illegals are getting to stay here.)

  • Operation Wetback II

(The systematic deportation of illegals let into the country under the Biden Regime and earlier.)

And we have more! Many more!

Needless to say, most conventional political analysts will say these ideas are politically impossible.

Our response: no one knows what is politically possible.

No one expected Donald Trump to be elected in 2016 along with GOP control of the Senate and the House.

And no one expected that immigration patriots would get so little from it—least of all the Democrats, who are still so terrified that they are breaking the law in clearly impeachable ways to Elect A New People via illegal and legal immigration while they can.

So we have to try—try to get these big ideas into public discourse.

And we believe they will ultimately prevail.

But we can only do this with your support.

Please help us reach our fund-raising goal.

I, and my American posterity, will be profoundly grateful.



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