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[Crossposted from Occidental Dissent] Editor Peter Brimelow writes: In the wake of the imminent judicial lynching of President Donald J. Trump, I was deeply affected to read this powerful exchange between William Fears, who participated in the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally and is now being prosecuted, six years later, under ludicrous trumped-up charges about the previous night’s Torchlight Rally—a long established American traditionand Hunter Wallace, Editor of Occidental Dissent.

None of us at were invited to speak at the UTR rally. We did not publicize it. We did not attend. Frankly, because of our assessment of some of the organizers, we advised friends not to attend.  But what was done to the Charlottesville UTR protestors was an outrage and we have defended them ever since. As Wallace says:

Lawfare. Censorship. Riots. Police stand downs. Selective prosecutions. Weaponizing the judicial system. Creative legal theories. It all came out of Charlottesville. Naturally, it didn’t stop there.

As I keep saying, this is a Communist coup.

I gather that William Fears allegedly has a criminal recordlike George Floyd. That doesn’t in any way excuse what the system is doing to him (and us) now.

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT Editor’s Note: It seems appropriate that I should post this now. I found it in the P.O. Box two days ago. I haven’t had the time to set pen to paper and write a response. If anyone can reach out and help Brother Fears, even if it is just writing him a letter to cheer him up, it would be much appreciated.


Let met [sic] start by admitting that I have a fairly deserved reputation as a sperg. If you consider me persona non grata based on my past incoherent and unpredictable actions, no hard feels. But many may be unaware of the falsehoods pervading my story.

This is in part my own fault for never taking the time to elaborate a coherent and rational narrative for myself, even though one exists.

I’ve made tragic mistakes for which no excuses can be made, but also there are explanations untold.

I have come to the realization that despite my having no real intention or power to challenge the system, they will continue to find ways to prolong my incarceration. I am searching for contacts. Administrators of sorts to help me tell my story. It’s a cautionary tale that I have avoided, but young men especially should hear it.

Having the time to process hard truths, there is a newfound degree of enlightenment and discipline that I have gained over the last few years. Outlooks have changed. Until these things are expressed, nobody will care about the latest systemic oppression that I am faced with, and why should they?

As of now, I have no one willing to help or at least no way of reaching them. I realize that you might be too busy for this endeavor but I am hoping in the least that you might be a nexus for those who can.

As you are likely aware, I am faced with yet another politically motivated indictment. This is a malicious prosecution with a clear systemic bias. This is no surprise. Cory Long if you recall is a black man who got ten days in jail for misdemeanor disorderly conduct after he menaced people with a homemade flamethrower.

I stand accused of intimidating with a burning object which is a felony punishable by up to five years. Clearly it appears that in Charlottesville, white and black are tried under a separate statute. My appointed lawyer seems to imply that despite the lighter sentencing imposed on my codefendants, I will be the scapegoat to burden the collective sins of the rest. They will offer no plea deal and apparently the others, or at least some of the others, have struck deals to testify in my trial.

The idea of a white man receiving a fair trial in this town is laughable but that appears to be the intention as I am the only defendant that appears to be scheduled for such. I guess I am meant to be crucified as an example to any white man who would speak out in favor of this [sic] own existence.

I may have played the sperg., but I am not a fed or a traitor. If they plan to bring back capital punishment in Virginia just for me then so be it.

I am the only inmate in the jail arraigned under the possibility of the death penalty. I compared paperwork with the other guys and clearly someone is taking a piss at my expense.

Yes, this is a malicious weaponization of the law. I am not writing to take you down with me. I am just a condemned soul who longs to be heard.

Thank you for your reporting. After so many have failed, become compromised, or radicalized, you have remained rational, undaunted, and honorable

William Fears #10651958

160 Peregory Ln

Charlottesville, VA 22902

HW responds:


There are times in life when nothing needs to be said. A simple glance between two men is sufficient to establish complete understanding of one’s shared predicament.

As for Charlottesville, you don’t have to convince me of anything. We went up there under the delusion that we could hold a free speech rally there like the ones we had held in other cities. In theory, we have the First Amendment right to assemble and air our grievances. We established contact with the police. We did all the paperwork. We worked through the system and won a legal victory in federal court. If the police had done their jobs and separated the two sides, it would have been just another tense rally. There would have been a lot of shouting, but otherwise it would have been unremarkable.

When we all went to Charlottesville in 2017, we didn’t grasp that times had changed. We didn’t understand the maliciousness of our opponents or the forces that were pulsing through the nation. “Journalists” were there to frame the narrative and assassinate our people through doxing and memorable photos. BLM and Antifa was [sic] there to engage in violence with the permission of state and local authorities. Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia and a close associate of Hillary Clinton, conspired to shut down the event before it even began by declaring a state of emergency. Chief of Police Al Thomas deliberately sabotaged the event by ordering the police not to separate the two sides. As he said, “let them fight.” It will be easier to justify shutting the event down, doxxing and arresting our people and ruining them in the courts.

The true reveal for me was when Roberta Kaplan and Karen Dunn led the Charlottesville civil lawsuit. These are people like Terry McAullife who are known to be closely associated with Hillary Clinton. What happened in Charlottesville was payback for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election. It was also a trial run for censoring the internet and weaponizing the judicial system against conservatives. As you may recall, the Unite the Right organizers were sued under a conspiracy theory under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. My friend Harold Crews was beaten by DeAndre Harris with a mag lite on video. He walked. The DOJ prosecuted Jack Corbin for doxxing Don Gathers who beat people with a stick on video at the Unite the Right rally. Nothing happened to him. I saw him on MSNBC a few days ago.

At the time, Commonwealth Attorney Robert Tracci refused to charge anyone for the torch marches—there were two, one in May 2017 and the other in August 2017—because carrying a tiki torch was protected free speech. This is Charlottesville though. There was an election years later in 2019 and Jim Hingeley, a progressive prosecutor, won and has charged people with crimes which weren’t crimes at the time. Tracci himself warned that Hingeley was going to politicize the judicial system.

Lawfare. Censorship. Riots. Police stand downs. Selective prosecutions. Weaponizing the judicial system. Creative legal theories. It all came out of Charlottesville. Naturally, it didn’t stop there.

Back in 2017, we all wanted “do something” that would “wake people up” at Unite the Right. We didn’t know at the time that by putting ourselves out there we were volunteering to catch the first wave of this trend. Donald Trump himself was booked into prison last night in Fulton County, GA. He has been indicted four times and faces nearly 1,000 years in prison for challenging the 2020 election. He has even been charged under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 in one of his many indictments. These people even indicted Trump’s lawyers. It is a crime to even defend the man. This cancer goes all the way to the top.

They have come after literally everyone in this space:

And yes, they have come for small fish like you. Our enemies don’t forgive or forget.

Peter Cytanovic has also been indicted for the torch march in Charlottesville. He was just in a memorable photo of the event.

We live in a different country now though where that is a crime.

If it is any consolation to you, I think most people on the Right get it now, even if they don’t remember people like me and you. They see the problem. They didn’t speak out after Charlottesville because they were too afraid of being called racists. Now, they too are being devoured by this cancer which has criminalized politics while letting actual criminals terrorize the innocent.

After all these years, I haven’t forgotten about you. I haven’t said much about the torch march cases because we can all see what is happening. There is no need to explain what is evident to everyone in our circles. I will help you get your story out. Feel free to write again.

Hope to see you soon on the other side of this ordeal,


Hunter Wallace writes for Occidental Dissent.

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