The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight
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The mask is off.

There can be no further delusions nor any more comforting lies. “America” and the supposed “freedoms” guaranteed by its Constitution are as relevant today as the Holy Roman Empire’s claims to sovereignty or the head of the House of Stuart boasting about being King of England.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the police department openly attacked a demonstration in defense of European-American heritage. They did this despite the Unite The Right rally having secured a permit (after legal action) and having every right to host its peaceful demonstration in defense of the Robert E. Lee statue.

“Antifa,” the openly communist, anti-white and violent thugs who exist solely to attack European-Americans, were out in force in the city, using the cowardly tactics they specialize in: spraying demonstrators with mace, throwing bottles and bricks, and attacking people with weapons (including a homemade flamethrower).


It is quite true, as reported, that the police did not protect demonstrators from Antifa and did little to prevent confrontations. Attendees of the demonstration, rather than walking a clear path to the park, were instead forced to walk through a line of screaming protesters. Liberal clergyman and elderly women held signs about “peace” and “love” and smiled benevolently—as violent Leftist protesters attacked from the crowd. They are as culpable as the Antifa themselves for the violence unleashed.

But that was not close to the worst. Demonstrators did not need protection from Antifa. All the police would have had to do to ensure a safe demonstration was simply go home—which is what happened in Berkeley. Patriots equipped with shields, inured to Antifa tactics of throwing bricks and spraying mace, had secured Lee Park (excuse me, “Emancipation Park”) and may indeed have outnumbered both Antifa and counter-demonstrators in terms of pure numbers. Several were armed, and the city fathers should be offering Unite The Right activists tearful tributes for the latter’s saint-like restraint in not opening fire despite more than justified provocation.

If police had done nothing, the public would have been safer. Instead, unforgivably, the police attacked (not dispersed—attacked) the legal demonstration, threatening attendees with arrest if they stayed in Lee Park.

Then activists, totally unprotected by police, were deliberately funneled into a gauntlet of attacking Communists, in a kind of Kill Zone. Injuries on both sides were predictable. (Of course, much like cuckservatives who bow and scrape to the Main Stream Media, the police were then insulted by the Communists for their trouble.

This could have been a relatively stable situation: a patriot demonstration protected by its own shield wall (and ideally, by police who actually did their job) along with a separate group of Leftist protesters, with both groups enjoying the right to free speech supposedly guaranteed them by the Constitution.

Instead, the police precipitated a running battle which engulfed all of Charlottesville. The result: Antifa running wild and chasing down isolated pockets of Unite The Right attendees as the latter defended themselves as best they could, with bystanders were caught in the melee. Police showed no interest in doing anything other than threatening patriots with arrests for “unlawful assembly.”

In contrast, of course, Leftists were free to disobey the laws and marched merrily down the streets, many chanting “Black Lives Matter!”, causing chaos as they went. As Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy reported, this was an absurd “double standard.” Anarcho-Tyranny was the order of the day in C-Ville.

The casualties are piling up as I write this on Saturday evening [Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly; One Killed After Car Strikes Crowd, by Phil McCausland, Emmanuelle Saliba, and Moira Donohue, NBC News, August 12, 2017]. A car plowed into a crowd of Leftist protesters, though it is unknown whether this was deliberate or politically motivated.  But note that the only reason this was even possible is that law enforcement thought it was a good idea to turn over the streets to anarchists.

Adding to the chaos, there is also a report of a National Guard helicopter crashing nearby and two fatalities have been reported [Helicopter crash in Albemarle County, CBS 19, August 12, 2017].

All of this occurred after a “state of emergency” had been declared and demonstrations were supposed to have been halted.

It’s obvious to anyone on the ground, or anyone who has been paying attention to any of this over the last few years, that Antifa are responsible for the entirety of the violence. Leftists, no matter how extreme, do not have to fear Right Wing violence at their events, nor do they have to fear the police ignoring attacks against them.

Violence did not just “break out” at Unite The Right. Attendees were attacked—by Leftists and by the police. They worked together as seamlessly as if they had common leadership.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the System’s most shameless courtiers, Main Stream Media journalists, are trying to blame Unite The Right participants.

As Antifa openly slash tires, attack activists (and random bystanders) and parade under symbols of Communist mass murder, it is not as though journalists do not see what is happening. No one can pretend it is pro-white demonstrators who are being violent or destroying property, not even reporters. However, like the city government, the journalists are determined to disguise this reality.

But what’s most disappointing, though not surprising, is how Establishment Conservatives are going along with this—including Donald Trump.

But it’s not Unite The Right that is “dividing” America. Whites who aren’t comfortable with being dispossessed in every single Western country, or with seeing the symbols of their heritage wiped out, gathered to protest peacefully.

And simply by speaking out against these perverse policies, they are accused of “division.” And for their trouble, they were attacked by an alliance of both law enforcement and Antifa.

Why should Unite The Right apologize for anything? Indeed, how can the “Far Right” be regarded as anything other than an incredibly moderate protest movement against a deliberate campaign of genocide?

Because neither “respectable conservatives” or Antifa can tolerate such questions being raised. Instead, we are now told that European-Americans even speaking against their dispossession “has no place” in 21st century America. “Respectable conservatives” agree with this narrative, even though the declining white majority that ensures limited government, low taxes, free markets and their other supposed policy aims will soon be rendered irrelevant.

As’s James Kirkpatrick wrote in October 2013:

Indeed, the real point of the “anti-fascists” is to make sure no one is talking about important issues. The antifa position seems to be "if we can't generate resistance to the System, no one can!" You can't intelligently discuss issues such as environmentalism, class divisions, or what a real community actually entails without talking about the realities of diversity and the costs of mass immigration. But of course, the very things that are most important to discuss are the same things we are not allowed to mention without drastic reprisals…

Meanwhile, the antifascists also serve a useful role for the Beltway Right. They ensure that activists stick to the script and never lose sight of their role as corporate lobbyists… Whenever someone does make an explicit connection between the conservative base and policies that would actually help the historic American nation, the antiracists cry “jump!” and Conservatism Inc. replies “how high?”

[The Dobermans Of Political Correctness, National Policy Institute]

Both the Cultural Marxist Left and the “Respectable Right” have made their true position known. As Leftists openly chanted at the event: “We Have Replaced You.”

The American government, at every level, is waging a campaign of extermination against its own people. If you protest against it, law enforcement tries to get you killed. And if you survive that, journalists try to get you fired.

And we are told this is “freedom.”

Don’t kid yourself any longer. You are under occupation.

And if you want to see what “hate” really looks like, gaze into the faces of the Leftist protesters in Charlottesville—and consider what’s coming for you and your family once they have complete power.

Charlottesville Survivor [Email him] is a white man who voted for Trump. The Left hates all white men who voted for Trump, whether they were in Charlottesville or not.

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