Sanders Emerges As Post-1965 Immigrants’ Choice—Which Means Trump Will Beat Him
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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders heads into Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary as the new Democratic frontrunner. Iowa was a mess, but he now seem to have finished a strong second in a virtual dead heat and he’s leading the Real Clear average of  New Hampshire polls.  Main Stream Media pundits may attribute a Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire to his being a neighbor from an unequally “unrepresentative” a.k.a. white state and to his established appeal to white working class Democrats. But that story is so 2016: Iowa showed that this self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” is now also emerging as the favorite of the non-white electorate imported by the disastrous 1965 Immigration Act.

New Hampshire voters are noticing the change in Sanders: in a viral video, one woman called out his immigration flip-flop and wondered why he now supports Open Borders. Significantly, Sanders had no coherent answer (that he could admit) [‘You Have Not Been Consistent’: Voter Confronts Sanders On Immigration Flip-Flop, by Jason Hopkins, The Daily Caller, February 6, 2020]  In 2016, Sanders did appeal to the white holdouts in the Democratic Party—the non-college educated, the elderly, the guys who still saw the Democrats as the worker’s party. That has disappeared along with Sanders’s opposition to cheap foreign labor. Now Bernie is the man for foreigners and anti-white socialists, ready to dole out the assets of the Historic American Nation to the wretched refuse coming to our shores.

Sanders’s new coalition showed its face in Iowa last week. Non-white Iowans overwhelmingly favored Sanders, with 43 percent supporting the democratic socialist in the caucus. Buttigieg, the nearest competitor, only received 15 percent of the non-white vote. But the mayor did edge out Sanders when it came to the white vote, 23 percent to 21 percent. [NBC Iowa Caucus Results, February 4, 2020]

Many Sanders supporters in Iowa appeared to have just got off the boat. Translators were needed at multiple caucus sites to help supposed American citizens vote for Sanders. Pretty much all mosque caucus sites went overwhelmingly for him [At one Iowa mosque, almost all caucus votes went to Bernie Sanders, by Ali Harb, Middle East Eye, February 4, 2020]. The same happened at the many “satellite sites” designed to cater to immigrant populations. The Sanders campaign demanded these sites and it appeared to pay off [In the Middle of the Night, Bernie Was Tipped Toward Iowa Victory by Working-Class Immigrant Votes, by David Goodner, In These Times, February 6, 2020]

To get a sense, here are scenes of Sanders’s base from Monday:

[Tweets since deleted, archive version.]

This looks more like the Third World than the heartland.

And it’s not just in Iowa. A January CNN poll  (which includes blacks, who generally favor Biden) showed Sanders as the overall non-white favorite at 30 percent. The same poll found that nonwhites believe Sanders understands their problems more than former Vice President Joe Biden, by a nine-point margin. Eighty-two percent of non-whites say they would be enthusiastic or satisfied by Sanders winning the nomination versus 74 percent saying the same about Biden. Another survey found that non-white Democrats—including blacks—want a more radical candidate than do white Democrats. The New York Times has rhapsodized that these factors, along with Sanders’s “more diverse staff” and increased focus on “racial justice,” make him an appealing candidate to “voters of color” [Bernie Sanders’s Surge Owes a Lot to Voters of Color, by Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times, January 31, 2020]

Sanders is doing particularly well among specific minority groups. He’s the preferred candidate among Hispanics nationally at 36 percent, 12 points higher than Biden’s support. In California, Sanders’ support from households where Spanish is the primary language is tellingly higher than his overall support among California Hispanics—41 percent to 38 percent [Bernie Sanders grabs lead in California presidential primary poll, by David Lauter, Los Angeles Times, January 28, 2020]

Muslims reportedly treat Sanders like a rock star. One Muslim woman told the Los Angeles Times that Sanders “supports Muslims like no other candidate.” His campaign manager is a Muslim named Faiz Shakir,  he relies on Muslim surrogates like Ilhan Omar, and he heavily engages with the Muslim community. Muslim Sanders fans are fond of saying “Inshallah, Bernie!” [Why many Muslims treat Bernie Sanders like a rock star, by Jaweed Kaleem, Los Angeles Times, September 22, 2019] A poll released recently by the Council on American-Islamic Relations shows Sanders the favorite candidate among Muslim voters at 39 percent, 12 points higher than Biden. [CAIR Pre-Iowa Caucus Poll: Muslim Voters Prefer Bernie Sanders +13 Over Joe Biden, February 3, 2020]

Sanders is still not the favorite candidate among blacks [Washington Post-Ipsos poll of black Americans, Jan. 2-8, 2020] or Asians. But he is a solid second choice for both groups. [Asian American and Pacific Islander voters favor Biden, Sanders and Warren, according to new poll, by Shirley Wang, NBC News, September 9, 2019] Among blacks, Sanders is the only candidate, besides Biden, in the double-digits at 20 percent.

This stands in stark contrast to Sanders’s 2016 base. In that race, when Sanders was the favorite candidate of working class white Democrats, he lost nearly every state where Hispanics and/or blacks were at least 10 percent of the vote [How Bernie Sanders Exposed the Democrats’ Racial Rift, by Isaac J. Bailey, Politico Magazine, June 8, 2016].

But Sanders himself now claims his 2016 campaign was “too white”:

We were criticized for being too white, that was a correct criticism. We were criticized for being too male, that was a correct criticism. That’s going to change.

[Bernie Sanders admits 2016 presidential campaign was ‘too white’, by Troy L. Smith,, March 5, 2019]

And Sanders certainly did change .In 2016, Sanders was more sensible on immigration than Hillary Clinton. He had called open borders a “Koch Brothers proposal” and said it “would make everybody in America poorer” and erase the nation-state. During the campaign, he did eschew his past opposition to Amnesty and to guest worker programs, But he was better than Clinton’s Full-Merkel Amnesty/ Immigration Surge agenda.

But now Sanders' agenda is even more blatantly anti-American than Clinton’s. He wants to decriminalize illegal immigration, abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol, impose a moratorium on deportations, provide healthcare to illegal aliens, “dismantle” detention facilities, amnesty all illegals, dramatically increase America’s refugee intake  by welcoming “climate refugees,” and scrap Trump’s travel ban and other immigration restrictions. His immigration plan touts itself as a “welcoming and safe America for all.” Making foreigners feel welcome is the priority—not protecting the interests of Americans.

It’s no surprise Sanders calls Trump’s mild immigration policies racist and receives the support of immigration boosters [National immigrant rights group endorses Sanders, by Laura Barron-Lopez, Politico, January 15, 2020]

And many of Sanders other policies would enrich non-whites at the expense of the Historic American Nation. For instance, his Green New Deal would redistribute wealth from white Americans to non-white communities for the ostensible purpose of environmental clean-up. [The Green New Deal Is a Racial Scam, by Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, October 4, 2019]

Additionally, Sanders vows to go to war against “white nationalism and racism.” He promises that his administration will eradicate “systemic racism” and deliver “racial justice” to non-whites. [In Chicago, Sanders talks race, by Holly Otterbein, Politico, March 3, 2019]. Will he institute Gulags, as his campaign operatives fantasize?

Sanders’ appeals to non-whites appear to be working. It also helps that he’s backed by three-fourths of the anti-white Squad, who all tout him as the candidate to radically transform America. [Bernie Sanders Is Banking On the Power of the Squad, by Tim Marcin, Cameron Joseph, Daniel Newhauser and Liz Landers, Vice News, October 16, 2019]

This strategy may well deliver Sanders the Democratic nomination. But it will cost him the White House. Bernie’s new immigration priorities are wildly unpopular with most Americans. Sixty-six percent of Americans oppose decriminalizing illegal immigration, 62 percent oppose government healthcare for illegals, and 54 percent oppose abolishing ICE. [Poll: Voters oppose abolishing ICE, by Steven Shepard, Politico, July 11, 2018]

And this new Democrat emphasis on minority Identity Politics and Open Borders will inevitably increase white support for Trump. Already, the low turnout for the Iowa caucuses signals the Democrats’ low popularity with Middle America. [The biggest problem for Democrats wasn’t the vote count, by David Siders, Politico, February 4, 2020] Sanders at the head of the ticket will only further alienate these voters.

In Sanders’ America, whites will be just “pay pigs” for the Great Replacement. The Sanders message only resonates with non-whites and self-hating whites. Every normal white American will pull the lever for Trump.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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