CNN Admits Trump Has The Support Of Actual Americans
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Most of CNN's Politics coverage today is modified opinion journalism about the racism of Trump's racist tweets.Actual headline: Trump denies racist tweets were racist.

So when I saw the headline There's a sobering truth to Trump's racist tweets that we don't like to admit, by CNN's John Blake, I assumed it was a counterbalance to the insanity, pointing out that the "Squad" of minority Congresswomen do actually hail from "crime infested places". (The squad includes a Somalian, a Palestinian, a Puerto Rican and a black American from the People's Republic of Massachusetts.)

No, he's saying that America is full of Deplorables, who agree with Trump on "crime infested places", agree that "African, Haitian, and Salvadoran immigrants come from "sh**hole" countries" think it's okay to lock up illegals, and are generally evil:

Trump's tweets show a keen understanding of America

It's been said that Trump's comments about immigrants reveal that he really doesn't understand America. The US was built on the concept of a melting pot, and immigrants are making the nation stronger, some say.

But Trump's recent tweets could show that he understands America better than his critics realize.

These two Americas have long co-existed.

One is the country represented by the Statue of Liberty, and its invitation to poor and tired immigrants "yearning to breathe free."

The other is the one that virtually wiped out Native Americans, enslaved Africans, excluded Chinese immigrants in the late 19th century and put Japanese Americans in concentration camps.

From the rarified perch of the White House, Trump's racist tweets tap into the id of this other America.

And here's what's so frightening about this: It is not a big stretch to say that when a leader uses the kind of language that Trump uses against minorities, it may increase the chances of violence being used against them.

I recall what Mark Naison, a historian at Fordham University, told me after the Charlottesville violence in 2017 when talking about Trump's racial rhetoric.

He says most Americans don't realize how dangerous it is for a leader to talk about fellow citizens as if they're the enemy. [More]

But of course,Blake is talking "about fellow citizens as if they're the enemy."

All of Blake's article assumes that only Trump is doing racial rhetoric, when what he, and Deplorable Americans are reacting to is years of anti-white rhetoric from people like AOC, Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and of course....journofa like CNN's John Blake.

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