RNC’s Reince Priebus Enlists In Democrats’ War on Whites
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When Republican National Committee Chairthing Reince Priebus heard about a “War on Whites,” he immediately enlisted. Priebus condemned a Congressman in his own party, calling Mo Brooks’s comments about Democrats waging a “War on Whites” as “obviously a pretty idiotic thing to say.” [Priebus on Mo Brooks’ War on Whites’ Remarks: ‘A Pretty Idiotic Thing To Say,’ Breitbart TV, August 7, 2014] Unfortunately for Priebus, the RNC is increasingly irrelevant to the future of the Republican Party and of the historic American nation.

Indeed, if the GOP or the USA are to even have a future, it depends on overcoming political flunkies like Priebus and his unhinged anti-white allies in the Democratic Party. Priebus has never won a campaign, losing a run for the Wisconsin state Senate ten years ago despite enjoying a fundraising advantage. In the words of the man who beat him, Democratic state Senator Bob Wirch, “He was like a Paul Ryan without the charm… He played very well with businessmen, but they didn’t like him at McDonald’s. [Reince Priebus’s star keeps rising, by Dan Simmons, Wisconsin State Journal, August 26, 2012]

In other words, Priebus, this awkward and villainous gnome, was the perfect choice to head the RNC. He presided over the disastrous Republican defeat in 2012 and evidently decided he did such a great job in failing to prevent Obama’s re-election that he should run for re-election himself. [Reince Priebus tries to lock down RNC chair again, by Jonathan Martin, Politico, November 16, 2012]

Priebus’s RNC produced a report which called for “bringing more Hispanics into the Republican Party.” [RNC chair: GOP has to be inclusive to win elections,by Catalina Camia, USA Today, January 24, 2014] As part of that, the Chair told his party to back away from opposition to mass immigration in order to pursue better “messaging.” [Reince Priebus urges GOP to tone down anti-immigrant rhetoric, by Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times, March 18, 2014]

Of course, Priebus once confused President Obama with Osama Bin Laden and accidently called for the execution of the President of the United States – so he may not be the best at “messaging.” [Who is Reince Priebus, Media Matters, January 14, 2011]

Even as Obama’s Children’s Crusade rages on, Priebus spent last month abasing himself before black journalists and pleading that he once worked for the NAACP. [Reince Priebus: GOP gains among minorities won’t happen overnight, by Trymaine Lee, MSNBC, July 31, 2014] Priebus pretends this is a novel approach, but this faux strategy of “outreach” is the norm among recent RNC Chairmen, such as Ken Mehlman, Ed Gillespie, and Michael Steele. All of these men spent their tenures attacking their own party as not being friendly enough to minorities.

And this behavior is predictable. The real job of an RNC Chairman is to appeal to donors, who want the party kept away from populism that could threaten their privileges and cheap labor. Corporate PC Republicans preen to the press about being moderate and pro-immigration, but the sanctimony covers for self-interest.

And all the talk about “communication” and “outreach” is a useful way to transfer money to the GOP’s consultant classthe tail which wags the dog.

The role of the RNC is not to represent Republican voters—but to control them. Conservative Inc. gatekeepers are part of this effort. Praising Priebus’s comments, Noah Rothman at HotAir intones:

Brooks’ strategy invites media scorn and derision, it closes minorities off to the GOP’s message, and it is self-evidently counterproductive.

[Reince Priebus calls out Mo Brooks’ ‘idiotic’ War on Whites, August 7, 2014]

But what’s really “self-evident” is that minorities will never join the Corporate Republican program. Moreover, for all their “communications” skills, there’s an inconvenient truth about RNC Republicans: they just don’t do well in elections.

If there was ever a Republican in the Priebus mold, it’s Ed Gillespie, whom Priebus uses as an authority in his own official party biography. [Our Party, GOP, accessed August 7, 2014]

Gillespie is running a safe, PC campaign in Virginia that shies away from cultural issues, avoids immigration, and talks incessantly about growth – and he’s bombing. [Warner maintains big lead over Gillespie in Senate race, poll finds, by Jenna Portnoy, Washington Post, July 24, 2014]

On the other side, Democrats are increasingly blunt about their motivations. Left largely unmentioned in the MSM’s Two Minutes Hate against Brooks: he was actually condemning the Democrats’ use of racial division. [Why is this Republican Congressman Worried About a “War on Whites?”by David Weigel, Slate, August 4, 2014] In the Bizarro World of the American MSM, misgivings about subsidized birth control must be considered a “war on women,” but noticingracially divisive attacks on whites is simply proof of white racism.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank can feel free to indulge in weird racial mysticism about whites’ “tired blood” as he dreams of replacing Americans. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (La Raza-IL) can screech in Spanish about wanting to “punish”Americans. And Democrats can abandon the pretense that amnesty will somehow help Republicans and brag about Latinos voting “overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party.” [Gutierrez: Two Million New Latino Voters Will Swamp GOP, by Joel Gehrke, National Review, August 7, 2014]

Sadly for the Democrats – and the controlled opposition like Priebus—white Americans can still vote too and they still constitute most voters. An astounding 70 percent of all Americans—and 86 percent of Republicans—believe illegals threaten the American way of life.

If Obama does impose mass Administrative Amnesty in the face of this, his supporters will be justify on racial grounds as a new “Emancipation Proclamation.” (Evidently, for Central Americans, living in their own country is just as bad as slavery.) But if Obama pulls the trigger, the War on Whites will be openly directed by the Commander in Chief himself, and Priebus and his friends will no longer be able to avoid it.

Immigration is increasingly driving the GOP. As the political struggle intensifies, Priebus and other Corporate PC Republicans are increasingly irrelevant except as an obstacle for the historic American nation to overcome. Patriots forced into a populist, National Conservative direction by Obama’s lawlessness will no longer tolerate being “led” by people who despise them.

But before ordinary patriots can fight back in the war being waged against them, they must first defeat the enemy behind their own lines at the RNC.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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