Donorism, Sterling, And The NAACP
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Tonight, Pat Buchanan asks

How did Donald Sterling get away with behavior, in a professional sports league dominated by black players, which would get a college kid kicked out of school and scarred for life? Have they no morals clause in the NBA? How was Donald Sterling voted that lifetime achievement award by the NAACP?

The answer to all likely lies in the adage: Follow the money.

USA TODAY answers that question specfically:

Donald Sterling's donations to NAACP led to latest award

David Leon Moore, USA TODAY Sports 5:38 p.m. EDT April 28, 2014

Donorism, Sterling,  And The NAACP

LOS ANGELES — Donald Sterling donated money for years to the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP, which honored the Clippers owner with a lifetime achievement award in 2009 and was planning to present him another in May until the controversy broke over his racially insensitive comments that went public over the weekend.

The amount Sterling has given to the L.A. NAACP branch was not revealed at a news conference Monday held by L.A. branch president Leon Jenkins.

"It's an insignificant amount of money, and we're going to return it," said Jenkins, who added the NAACP and Sterling have had a relationship for "maybe 15-20 years."[More]

Two points:

1. Since they're not revealing it, it's not really "an insignificant amount of money."

2. When they say they're going to return it, then by "it", they mean the latest donations, not the non-insignificant donations for twenty years that led to an earlier "lifetime achievement" award.

If they're going to throw him under the bus like this, he should ask for it all back.

But really, this guy has been saying and doing things for years that the NAACP should have been complaining about, according to their mission in life, and the desires of their base.

But for an "insignificant " amount of money, they'll abandon all that.

I happen to know that the executive of the NAACP is 100 percent Democratic, but they're acting like the Republican National Committee.

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