Luis Gutierrez Makes Threatening Noises In Spanish About "Punishing" And "Being Punished"
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Luis Gutierrez, a Puerto Rican representative from Illinois, has made it clear in the past that his only loyalty is to the Hispanic immigrant community, not to the United States of America. In a press conference with the Hispanic Caucus, Gutierrez made it clear once again where his loyalties lie—to the "community" regardless of nationality, certainly not the interests of the United States. This one was so blatant that even National Review picked up on it.

Gutierrez spoke first in English, then switched to Spanish, and he didn't say the same things in the two languages. (Another danger of official bilingualism.)

In English he started out talking about the 2008 trafficking law, and wound up saying that anti-illegal-immigration Republicans speak about Hispanics "almost as though we are a vile, repugnant community to them that they vilify and demonize in every one of their statements." (This is another problem, that Hispanic politicians make everything personal.)

Switching to Spanish, Gutierrez was harsher, Here is a translation (provided by National Review) of what Gutierrez said in Spanish:

They know he’s [Obama´s] going to act soon—they want to maintain this crisis to condemn our community, a community without rights for our kids at this moment, our DREAMers, and for millions of others that the president has said he wants to help. That’s what they want. They want to punish our community, and that punishment will be met with an electoral punishment. Be assured that we are not going to forget the mistreatment our community has received.
What a tirade. Notice how the "community" includes both American Hispanics and any Hispanics from the hemisphere who want to illegally enter this country. Note too how he claims "They" (meaning Republicans who oppose illegal immigration) "want to punish our community".

Of course, the bitter Luis Gutierrez wants to do some punishing of his own: "...that punishment will be met with electoral punishment. Be assured that we are not going to forget the mistreatment our community has received."

I haven't heard that anybody else in the Hispanic Caucus has questioned these remarks. Will any Hispanic leader stand up and say Gutierrez has crossed the line?

This is the mentality we are dealing with. The organized Hispanic lobby doesn't want us to control the border. So what are we going to do about that? Should radical Hispanics decide immigration policy?

Click here for National Review's report on the Gutierrez speech, or see the video below.

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