RNC Chairmanship: A Matter of Steele and Blood
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According to The Hill website, Michael Steele and his hand-picked team of perpetual losers are about to stage a massacre at the Republican National Committee:

RNC shakeup as Steele asks for resignations
By Reid Wilson

Posted: 02/05/09 10:28 PM [ET]

Top staffers at the Republican National Committee were told to submit their resignations today, with some being told they will not get their jobs back in what insiders call a top-to-bottom review of the entire organization…one RNC staffer who had to turn in a resignation letter today… quipped: "It is starting to feel like the Steele-your-job administration."

This is going to be an acid test for Steele, because it turns out he is widely viewed as the candidate of a patronage-motivated clique. J.Peter Friere noted at The American Spectator blog the “rumor” that

Steele is the Consultant Candidate. His campaign, for instance, is being run by Blaise Hazelwood, former political director of the RNC, wife of Dan Hazelwood, one of the biggest voter contact mail vendors. During Bush's term she steered nearly all RNC business to a very small cadre of firms.

What's the Deal with Steele? AMSPECBLOG 1.29.09

(Friere also shreds Steel’s claims to be a Conservative. David Duke has collected some damning quotes too.)

But before attention shifts to watching if Steele behaves like a typical black politician with access to spoils, let us consider why Steele won, and why it is a disaster.

Steele won because a group of conservative RNC members were naïve enough to trust another Black, Ohio’s Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. When it became clear Blackwell could not win, according to The Washington Times:

Supporters of Mr. Blackwell, considered the most reliable social and religious conservative among the five contenders for chairman of the 168-member RNC, were stunned and in some cases angry that he endorsed his fellow African-American, Mr. Steele, after dropping out of the contest.

Religious conservatives constitute a bloc of about a quarter of the RNC membership...Some conservative state party chairmen had thought the logical choice for Mr. Blackwell was to endorse South Carolina Republican Chairman Katon Dawson, seen as the other leading conservative contender for national chairman.

Steele reassures GOP's right flank Ralph Z. Hollow Sunday February 1 2009

(This is a strong contender for Most Misleading Headline of the Year.)

Why, after the humiliating Colin Powell betrayal, would experienced Republicans think a black would put principle before race? Or an Hispanic, for that matter? The only group that does that are Founding Stock Americans.

Those are not the people the Steele crowd care about. The Washington Times burbled on:

Mr. Steele's election…marks the unequivocal end of Mr. Nixon's domestic "Southern strategy" for an "emerging Republican majority," as it was called at the time.

That strategy subtly appealed to growing antagonisms over forced busing, job quotas and the perception of reverse discrimination. It helped establish an image of the Republican Party in the minds of most black Americans as not friendly to their interests.

Some Republicans now say that era is decisively over…

Establishing the Republican Party in the minds of most white Americans as not friendly to their interests (and Affirmative Action America is a zero sum game) will mean low turnouts and losses in areas the GOP has no business losing. – for no gains elsewhere. It will be a disaster.

As Robert Reich and Charles Rangel have already gloated, the Obama Administration is about taking from whites and giving to minorities. The sort of flagrant injustices shamefully permitted under Bush will multiply. That is what Obama has been thinking about his entire life (Read Steve Sailer’s book!).

Whites will notice. They are likely also to notice Michael Steele Republicans don’t want to know.

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