There Will Be No Multi-Culti Japan In The Forseeable Future
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Peter Brimelow brought an interesting article about Japan, immigration, and the attitude of the Japanese to gaijin to my attention. Am I concerned, yes, worried, no, panic time, not yet. Given the source, the Asia Times, any concerns lessen, though I see the piece as a confession and perhaps as an alarm. The question is whether Japan is opening up to immigration, both legally and in attitude. Legally, yes, though limited in manner, attitudinally? I have my doubts.

First, the source, Asia Times. This is not a real news site, more a mix of opinion and political agenda, mixed with news. Yeah, the mainstream press, but Asia Times’ most prominent writer is a Mexican who thinks Israel lost an F-35 loaded with nukes over Iran a month ago.

We get the same from another Asia Times writer, Noah Smith, commenting on Biden’s offhand remark about India and Japan being ”xenophobic” because they’re not as crazily pro-immigrant as he is:

But beyond the diplomatic stupidity of the remark, it’s just not factually true. I don’t know enough about India to make a judgment, but I do know a fair amount about Japan, and the common trope that it’s a xenophobic country that doesn’t want immigrants is just provably false.

This is why no country on the planet has anything even remotely approaching an open-border policy—not Canada, not Sweden, not Singapore, and certainly not the United States.

So when I say “Japan is not a xenophobic country”, what I mean is that it’s not abnormally xenophobic. If you want to call every country in the world “xenophobic”, well, fine, that’s your prerogative, but I think that renders the word a little useless.

Anyway, there are a few basic facts we can look at in order to gauge Japan’s level of xenophobia. First, we can observe the number of immigrants Japan actually takes in. Second, we can look at the policies it uses to select who gets to come. And third, we have data on Japanese attitudes toward immigration.

No, Japan’s Actually Not A Xenophobic Country, by Noah Smith, Asia Times, May 15, 2024

The problem here is obvious: Smith has an globalist open-borders agenda. His statement on that no nation has open borders is demonstrably false; Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the United States have open borders. For the United States 2,000 illegal aliens enter every day. They mostly come from outside Mexico, which allows them transit. Canada has de facto open borders as any illiterate with fraudulent documents can enroll in any Canadian college and get work authorization, and it allows unlimited illegal immigration from the United States; the U.K. has open borders across the Channel, with the Royal Lifeboat Society and the Royal Navy serving as the smugglers, while Italy and Greece allow unlimited illegal immigration without any attempt to stop it.

The subheadline, though, says it all.

Japan As A Closed-Off, Stubbornly Homogeneous Nation Is Deeply And Wrongly Rooted In The Western Psyche[.]

He tries to blame any Japanese nationalism on whites. A typical globalist attack.

So, Smith is just lying. The only question is how he is lying about Japan. He is much cleverer there. Immigration is up in Japan. On that he is correct.

As of 2023, there were 3.2 million foreign residents of Japan. That’s 2.6% of the country’s population. That might not sound like a lot, and it’s not a lot compared to countries in Europe or the Anglosphere. In fact, it’s lower than the world average of 3.5%. But the rate of change matters a lot—it’s a very steep increase over a very short period of time. The stock of immigrants in Japan is not large, but the flow is substantial.

But Japan mostly allows in those who fit in, mostly other Asians who look East Asian. That is not the same as the program that globalists like Smith implement in the West, White Replacement. Instead the Japanese are managing immigration.

Smith thinks the Japanese are all in for the Multi-Culti experiment, but I question the polling.

According to this poll, Japan is not the most pro-immigrant country in the world, but it’s near the top. In fact, the Pew survey asks many different questions, regarding crime, terrorism, mass deportation of illegal immigrants, and so on. In every single one of Pew’s questions, Japan is more pro-immigrant than the median country surveyed.

Pew’s is not the only poll, of course. Gallup surveyed a much wider array of countries than Pew did, and found that Japan was still well above median—about the same as France, and ahead of Brazil—in terms of openness to immigration.

That is a bad sign, but although Smith claims to be an expert on Japan, the Japanese are like California residents in 1982 who did not want to be rude and let the pollsters know they would not be voting for the black mayor of Los Angeles over the white Armenian Attorney General for Governor, known as the Bradley Effect.

I remember that, because I answered a telephone poll on that race, and while I did not tell the pollster that I would never vote for a black, the choice of a white law-and-order Republican, George Deukmejian, over black pro-crime Tom Bradley was not something I shied away from, but many Californians did, telling pollsters that they would vote for Bradley, but did not actually vote for him.

Similarly, the Japanese responding to polling were likely being polite, or thinking of the respectful tourist or their children’s English teaching assistant, rather than the murderers that the West is getting from immigration. Or the Kurds who are becoming so widely hated in Japan.

In reality, the Japanese are thinking about the problem immigrants they have, which is increasingly a problem.

The Japanese might be polite to pollsters, but in their hearts they have a problem with the annoying globalist infiltration and the local backstabbers.

No one is more typical of Smith than this Indian immigrant in Japan. He is just so unhappy with Japan and compares India favorably with Japan.

I was educated in India and have studied abroad in Japan, China and France. In addition, my son has studied international and public schools in Japan, graduated from high school in the UK, and is currently enrolled in a university in the UK. Therefore, I had the opportunity to directly and indirectly come into contact with education in five countries. What I felt was that although there are good aspects of education in Japan, there is a major lack of multicultural coexistence, and I keenly felt the need to change that.

Multilingualism and multiculturalism are the norm in Indian society, and no one cares about where you come from, or what language you are from. We don’t care about caste in the classroom. As far as I know, there is no bullying in Indian schools. It’s natural for everyone to be different.

Japan’s First Indian Principal: “Japan’s Education Lacks Old-Fashioned Multicultural Coexistence,” jnnavi, June 20, 2024

Two big lies here, hidden by a somewhat truthful fact, a common tactic by the Japan haters. They always mention bullying, which is common in Japanese schools, though not as bad as the Japan-haters claim. But it is a Japanese problem for them to address.

Instead we get lies from this Indian claiming there are no inter-communal or caste problems in India or Indian schools. That is the biggest lie. Tens of thousands die every year from caste, language, and religious riots and Indian universities and workplaces are segregated by caste, language, and religion.

But this Indian immigrant is lecturing the Japanese about how multiculturalism will solve the minor bullying problem in Japan. Note, though, that what we call bullying is just social pressure to conform and behave, it is the physical manifestation of why Japan is such a pleasant and safe place to live. Weirdos and criminals are forced to behave. Otherwise you get Venezuelan murders in your neighborhood.

And if you did not have enough evidence that Smith is cherry picking to support his globalist open borders agenda, here is his admission against interest. It is really about White Replacement in the west.

And yes, occasionally you will hear an elderly, right-wing Japanese politician declare that Japan is a racially homogeneous nation. You should treat this exactly like you would treat someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Louie Gohmert declaring that America is a Christian nation, or someone like Stephen Miller claiming that the children of immigrants will never become truly American.

And, for the record, Japan is a racially homogeneous nation and is Japanese because of that. Smith wants Japan to become another Londonistan or New York City. Well, you think you fooled the Japanese. That remains to be seen.

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