Boston Mayor Wu Hosts Christmas Where No Whites Are Allowed
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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is having a Christmas Party where no whites are invited. Apparently, the No Whites Allowed party was supposed to be a secret from the white city councilors, but Wu’s aide accidentally sent the invite out to everyone [Wu Defends holiday party excluding white city councilors, by Joe Battenfield, Boston Herald, December 13, 2023].

Although Wu is married to a white man, her politics are largely driven by her intense antipathy toward whites.

I wrote about Mayor Wu and the growing trend of Asian elites who are taking up arms against the historic American nation [Boston Mayor Michelle Wu And The Rise Of “It Just Isn’t Mine” Asian Leftists, VDARE, April 26, 2022]. The Asian “Model Minority” is a dangerous myth that too many people on the Left and Right still indulge.


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