VDARE.COM In Bear Stearns Study…Sort Of!
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Congratulations to D.A.King on figuring out how to access the Bear Stearns study (scroll down - 2nd link) validating his 20MM illegal immigrant estimate. The study itself is an elegant and valuable piece of work—but I was fascinated to see if author Robert Justich was aware of the pioneering efforts of VDARE.COM’s Ed Rubenstein in the area. The answer is yes (shhh!) The,“References” section (P. 14) includes this truncated citation
“Edwin S. Rubenstein, 2004. Illegal Immigration – Unmentionable Answer to Household vs. Payroll Survey Controversy. ESR Research Economic Consulta” [Sic.]
This particular article appeared only on VDARE.COM, although Ed does maintain his own web site. So my guess is that Justich did manfully try to cite VDARE.COM, but that it was inefficiently eradicated by the (P.C)ompliance department of his firm. Ask them.
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