Happy Easter From VDARE.com—But Not From The Biden White House
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Last year, I wrote that The War on Christmas was first Noticed back in the 1990s, but the War on Easter has developed much more recently. Specifically, I first reported the surreptitious substitution of something called the “Spring Bunny” for the Easter Bunny as recently as 2010. Now the darn thing is hopping around everywhere—part of the mounting attack on the Historic American Nation and its symbols.

This year, if you Google “spring bunny” in Google News, you get a nominal 103,000 results, which is probably wrong, and “spring egg hunt” produces 119,000 results.

What this means is that all over America, teachers and community center types are being told not to say ”Easter” when they have a children’s Easter Egg Hunt.

The annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn, something that dates back to Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878, is still called the Easter Egg Roll, but someone in the White House staff explained that there was supposed to be no actual Easter content, such as Jesus, or resurrection, or anything of that kind. At the same time, they’ve proclaimed March 31 as ”Trans Day of Visibility”—March 31 is what the rest of us think of Easter Sunday:

Outrage as Biden proclaims Easter Sunday as ’Trans Day of Visibility’—as White House BANS children from submitting religious-themed Easter egg designs at annual event for military families

  • Biden sparked backlash by declaring this Easter Sunday to be a national ’Transgender Day of Visibility’
  • The White House also banned any Easter Egg Roll event entries with ’questionable content,’ including religious symbols and political statements

By Will Potter For Dailymail.Com, March 30, 2024

Laura Loomer comments:

Spring Bunny hunts are about Christophobia in schools—children must be protected from hearing the name of Easter, and anyone who hears that there is such a thing as Easter has their rights infringed [Madison [Alabama] School Modifies Student Easter Egg Hunt, Citing ‘Religious Diversity’ Conflicts], WHNT, March 19, 2013].

The White House’s ”No Religious-themed Easter Egg Designs” comes from the same place. The ”Trans Day of Visibility” is based on the idea that ”transgendered” people, which includes both transsexuals and tranvestites are so sacred that they have to be ”visible” to everyone, including quite small children—who would prefer an Easter Egg Hunt with chocolate eggs.

It’s pure Leftist ”Culture War” stuff—and it’s the kind of thing we’ve been fighting here for almost 25 years.

See our earlier reportage below—and Happy Easter once again!

Happy Easter from VDARE.com!

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(“By a happy coincidence, Easter Sunday falls this year on the thirty-fifth anniversary of Enoch Powell’s great speech on immigration—given in Birmingham on April 20, 1968. This neatly intertwines the themes of spiritual and national death and resurrection in a way that might have pleased Powell, who had been a fierce atheist as a young man and whose equally fierce if unorthodox Anglicanism in later life was explicitly related to his appreciation of the English Church as an expression of the English nation.”)

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