The Fulford File | War On Easter—Not Imaginary, And Conservatives Didn’t Start It
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The Fulford File | War On Easter—Not Imaginary, And Conservatives Didn’t Start It

The graphic above  is from, a website set up by atheist film director Brian Flemming in 2008, to promote a campaign to slip copies of his 2005 documentary, The God Who Wasn't There, into pews and under church doors during the Easter time.

Flemming had purchased 666 copies of his own movie for what might well be described as an ideological/promotional giveaway.

Thus began the "War  on Easter"—with its own website, new site became a hub for a campaign  in which Flemming recruited believers in the film to distribute copies of the DVD to churches  over the upcoming Easter holiday, Handing them to pastors? No, not exactly, Those recruited were intended to place the film surreptitiously—in pew racks, in restrooms, in bushes, by the door,  or in any place where it might later be found with a little effort. Plastic Easter eggs, too, were used for distribution to the younger set; though these would contain messages such as, “Jesus is no more real than the Easter Bunny." Once these trinkets were placed. those recruited  could return to the website and tell the story of how they proudly placed Flemming's markers.  I found this story particularly poignant:

We got an odd look from a police officer when we were sitting across the street from a  playground in an old brown Chevy Celebrity with a bunch of easter eggs, flyers, and a  lot of liquor in the back seat.  [Easter is lower cased in the original, of course.]

Shattering the Christ Myth By James Patrick Holding, p. 345

So that’s something to think about when you hear, as you do at this time of year, that there’s “No War On Easter”, or “conservatives have now started a War on Easter.” Here’s the latest versions:

But if you want to know about the basic Cultural Marxist War On Easter, all you need to do is search Google News for “Spring Bunny” (673 results) or “Spring Egg” (1270 results ). The Spring Bunny is what was known to everyone, all my life, until just the other day as the Easter Bunny, who brought Easter Eggs, not Spring Eggs.

“Spring Bunny” and “Spring Eggs” are the result of the Christophobic belief that the mention of anything Christian  is somehow unconstitutional.

Here, mixed in with many normal Easter announcements, is this one from Dos Picos Regional Park,  near Ramona, California:

Children will find a “target-rich environment” of approximately 4,000 goodie-filled eggs at Dos Picos Regional Park’s annual egg hunt at 10 a.m. Saturday, say park rangers.

The eggs will be scattered among three zones: for ages 2 and younger, ages 3 to 5, and ages 6 and older. The park requests a donation of $1 per participant.

Tradition has it that the Spring Bunny will be hopping by for photo opportunities and furry hugs.

Easter egg hunts galore this weekend in Ramona, Ramona Sentinel, April 18, 2014

I mention this because of not only does it have the Easterless “egg hunt” and the non-Easter “Spring Bunny”, but the wonderfully ironic “Tradition has it.”

Tradition has it that it’s an Easter Bunny, just as tradition has it that they’re Christmas Carols, and America is a Christian nation.

But there’s a War on all of that.  And intends to keep noticing, and fighting back.

Happy Easter!

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