Cochran And Obama: Managing Democracy in Post-American America
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The empire struck back after David Brat’s immigration-inspired victory over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Threatened incumbent GOP Senator Thad Cochran, like Barack Obama, has successfully practiced “regime politics”—deliberately changing the electorate in order to protect the entrenched political class. In Cochran’s case, it meant calling his own base “racist” and shoveling money to far-Left groups to disenfranchise them. Simultaneously, Barack Obama and his Democrats were welcoming the complete elimination of American sovereignty, even to the extent of allowing Mexican military attacks. Democracy in America is reaching the terminal stage—the elimination of the demos. Our political Establishment is not just “electing a new people,” but eradicating the historic American nation.

Fury at patriotic Americans who blocked the Amnesty/Immigration Surge is the only way to explain a President whose actions at any other time in American history would have been called treasonous. Mexican military incursions across the American border are relatively common—notwithstanding US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi’s continued incarceration in Mexico for an accidental incursion—but an actual attack on Border Patrol agents by a Mexican aircraft would be regarded as hostile by any American government even remotely concerned about its own people. [Report: Mexican Military Chopper Crosses into US, Shoots at Border Agents, CBS Las Vegas, June 27, 2014] Instead, Obama seems to have joined forces with Mexican invaders by denying American personnel the right to defend themselves against attacks.

Thus Border Patrol agents are being forced to change diapers and heat formula for the spawn of those morally superior “family values” immigrants eager to leech on the largesse of the American taxpayer. [Border Patrol changing diapers, heating baby formula for surge of children, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, June 13, 2014] Even while Border Patrol agents show remarkable compassion for their new charges (according to the Washington Times, providing a birthday cake for an 11 year old whose family never celebrated his birthday), the Obama Administration is eagerly funding lawyers to file lawsuits against them for trumped up “civil rights” violations.

The real agenda was exposed by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Her scandalous address at the border seems designed to confirm every conspiracy theory from the darkest corners of the internet. She echoed Rahm Emanuel’s bastardized Saul Alinsky quotation, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before," gloating that the border security disaster was an “opportunity” rather than a crisis and that she wished “I could take all those children home with me.” [Nancy Pelosi at the Border: Influx of Illegal Immigrants an ‘Opportunity,” Not a “Crisis,”by Dave Urbanski, The Blaze, June 28, 2014]

Needless to say, she didn’t take any children home—any more than she has moved to a “diverse” area or allowed union labor at her private winery. [Nancy Pelosi wants you to pay a $10.10 minimum wage. Herself, not so Jack Kemp, American Thinker, March 8, 2013]

Pelosi expressed no concern about the Border Patrol agents who are contracting disease so she can preen at the taxpayers’ expense. [Border Patrol Looking to House Immigrants In Abandoned Warehouses Along Rio Grande, by Joe Gomez, CBS KRLD, June 27, 2014] Nor did she express solidarity with American ranchers under siege and abandoned by their own government. [Brooks County Ranchers Worry About Criminal Immigrants, ABC KRGV, June 26, 2014]

Instead, Pelosi revealed her real sentiments when she said: "We are all Americans—north and south in this hemisphere.” [Pelosi on the Border: We have to use this ‘Crisis’ as an ‘Opportunity’by Pam Key, Breitbart TV, June 28, 2014] This casual statement does more than render citizenship and national identity meaningless. It shows that, in the eyes of the government in Washington, patriotic American citizens, especially whites, are considered an active liability. Our rulers prefer tens of millions of interchangeable helots who can be counted on to buttress the welfare rolls, vote for racial socialism, and serve as coolies for corporate America.

Nor is anyone even pretending anymore that this surge of unaccompanied “children”—actually mostly teenagers—is anything other than a planned attempt to overload and destroy the immigration law enforcement system. The objective: a system that contains the form of democracy, but none of the substance, as a dependent class of voters can always be counted on to uphold the multicultural status quo.

Ironically, the best illustration of how this system works in practice was Thad Cochran’s shameful attack on the Republican base. The longtime Mississippi Senator was behind Tea Party conservative Chris McDaniel in a runoff primary election. As with Democratic primaries in majority black districts, the GOP primary was the real election, as white racial bloc voting has ensured monolithic Republican rule within the former Democratic Solid South—outside the Third World wastelands of many major cities like Jackson.

To stave off looming defeat, Cochran’s backers ran a racial scorched earth campaign. A PAC that supported Cochran campaign hired one Mitzi Bickers, one of those ubiquitous ethically-challenged black political fixers, a lesbian in this case, who can be counted on to deliver the black vote. As part of the effort, it called on black Mississippi voters to strike back at the Tea Party and its “disrespectful treatment of the country’s first African-American president.” [Meet Mitzi Bickers, by Eliana Johnson, National Review, June 27, 2014]

Cochran’s campaign also included a radio ad that openly urged blacks to support Cochran in order to keep access to government programs:

By not voting, you are saying “take away all of my government programs, such as food stamps, early breakfast and lunch programs, millions of dollars to our black universities”...everything we and our families depend on that comes from Washington will be cut."
Not surprisingly, a large part of Cochran’s get-out-the-vote efforts to the dependent class was paid for by corporate Republican Open Borders advocate and shameless scalawag Haley Barbour. In a touch too good for parody, the PAC that paid for these efforts is called “Mississippi Conservatives.” All of these efforts were essentially directed at making sure Mississippi Republicans lost the right to determine their own candidate. [Robocall targeting black Democrats funded by Haley Barbour’s Super PAC, by Renee Nal,, June 26, 2014]

The moral: both Republican and Democratic elites are united in cutting off any movement that would challenge Open Borders, subsidies for the non-white underclass, or any part of the monolithic multicultural edifice.

John Boehner’s deliberately futile “lawsuit” against President Obama’s unconstitutional abuses of power is another example of this collaboration. As Patrick Cleburne notes, Boehner’s lawsuit does not even mentionBarack Obama’s unilateral Administrative Amnesty and violations of immigration laws,his most obvious and outrageous extra-legal actions.

It is important not to over-interpret the Mississippi result. Cochran won very narrowly, 50.9%-49.1%, meaning that reports of the Tea Party’s demise are exaggerated Main Stream Media wishful thinking. And McDaniels ran a typical color-blind Tea Party campaign, above all not using the “Brat Playbook” and emphasizing immigration.

But the point is that it is now undeniable that both the Republican leadership and President Obama and his cronies agree with immigration anarchy.

Republicans gain short-term electoral advantage from the chaos on the Southern border and increasing anger at the Obama Administration even as corporate America gets cheap labor. And Democrats continue to import their permanent progressive majority with more non-white government-dependent voters, building on the already-existing government-dependent black underclass.

Everyone wins under this system—except the actual American people.

For immigration patriots, the question is no longer Republican vs. Democrat. It is whether you are with the System in Washington—or against it.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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