An Illinois Reader Buys A Made-In-America Weber Grill—And Wonders If Any Americans Were Involved In Making It
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From: A Suburban Illinois Reader [Email him]

I just bought a Weber Smokey Joe for fishing trips with my grandkids. Just for the heck of it I was looking at some recipes at Weber’s web site. Then I spotted a link so we can watch the manufacturing process of their grills.

While I was watching the process I noticed something. I didn’t see any white or black Americans working at these two plants in my home state of Illinois. Maybe it’s because I’m a racist/xenophobe/bigot.

I think we need to ask if all these people are here legally.

See a previous letter from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: They have a number of robots working at the Palatine, IL plant, but most of the non-robot workers look like Mexicans. I searched the Weber site, and found that for several jobs likeFabrication Supervisorthey declare that “Bi-lingual English/Spanish a plus” which means that they have a lot of Spanish-speaking immigrants.

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