The Obama Regime And The Illegal Invasion—Post-America Now Under Alien Occupation
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Jan Brewer "Disrespecting" President Obama in 2012—Obama's DHS Is Still Shipping Illegals To Her State

Welcome to Post-America! Even if the historic American nation rallies itself (again) and stops the latest Ruling Class Amnesty/Immigration Surge plan, we are already living under occupation. The rule of law has ceased to exist, the federal government actively favors invaders above citizens, and the American people have no meaningful power in their own government.

The hallmark of occupation is that the native population is treated as a resource to be exploited by an alien ruling class. With that definition in mind, even a casual glance at the contemporary headlines reveals the contours of the emerging subjugation.

The Obama Regime has already explicitly sided with foreign governments who filed suit against Arizona’s attempted restrictions on illegal immigration. Indeed, an Arizona Congressman is suggesting that President Obama’s actions are simply a way to “poke Arizona in the eye.” [Are Illegal Immigrants Being Dumped in Arizona as Payback?By Katie Pavlich, Townhall, June 4, 2014] And it is important to remember that, under current Affirmative Action policies, every single Hispanic child given citizenship under some variation of the DREAM Act or who receives it as an anchor baby will receive privileged treatment in jobs and education for their rest of their lives over native-born white Americans.

What is remarkable about this process is that the historic American nation has, at various times, protested its dispossession. California voted to save itself via Proposition 187s as long ago as 1994. Arizona and other states passed restrictions on illegal immigration during the Obama Administration. And—despite the all but unanimous support of the leadership of both political parties, the major religious denominations, Big Business, Big Labor, and MSM—Amnesty has been consistently shot down again and again and again. Judging by the vitriolic comment threads, and the fact that Amnesty’s supporters still feel obliged to lie about what they’re trying to do despite claiming that opinion polls support them, Americans’ résistance remains as intense as ever.

Yet none of it seems to matter. On the most important issues facing the country, the opinion of the American people is all but irrelevant.

Furthermore, even Americans who want to quietly run a business or privately dissent from the kinds of opinions mandated by elite media are now being openly persecuted. Just recently, a bake shop owner in Colorado who did not want to provide a cake for a gay wedding was ordered to “submit quarterly reports about who he refuses to serve” and “give his employees anti-discrimination training.” [Colorado baker ordered to serve gay couples vows to stop making wedding cakes,by Carol Kuruvilla, New York Daily News, June 3, 2014]

It doesn’t take much imagination to see where court ordered “anti-discrimination” training is going or how this will extend to issues behind “gay marriage.” The United States of America refuses to adopt an official language, but it is adopting an official state ideology of multiculturalism. And unelected bureaucrats will force it onto noncomplying American citizens.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez, part of the alien class now ruling Americans, chortles that “every institution in America” should work around immigration laws. [Luis Guitierrez: ‘Every institution in America’ should work around Fed. Immigration Law,by Tony Lee, Breitbart, May 19, 2014]

They already are—including the ones that are supposed to enforce them. Instead, the federal government is expanding its repressive powers against actual Americans.

As America approaches the 70th anniversary of D-Day, its core population looks more like a defeated populace than the nation that defeated the Axis.

After all, if we were under a military occupation that was trying to eliminate us, what would it do differently?

The American government has met the enemy – and it is us.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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