Jan Brewer Vs. Obama, And "Disrespect" As A Verb
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Jan Brewer Lecturing ObamaJan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, is shown right having a moment with the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Obama, as Commander in Chief is responsible for protecting the nation's borders. He doesn't want to do it, and he doesn't want border crossers removed from America, see his latest State of the Union speech.

Governor Brewer is doing the job that Americans want the government to do. That has led her into conflict with President Obama and his so-called Justice Department.

This is detailed in her new  book Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Border, which led to the confrontation seen here.

Drudge reported that she said

"He was a little disturbed about my book, Scorpions for Breakfast. I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president. The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. So." Asked what aspect of the book disturbed him, Brewer said: "That he didn't feel that I had treated him cordially. I said I was sorry he felt that way but I didn't get my sentence finished. Anyway, we're glad he's here. I'll regroup."

She said the president brought up the book. "I thought we probably would've talked about the things that were important to him and important to me, helping one another. Our country is upside down. Arizona was upside down. But we have turned it around. I know again that he loves this country and I love this country." It was clear from the moment they greeted one another that this would not be a run-of-the-mill encounter between the president and a local official. At one point, she was pointing her finger at him and at another, they were talking at the same time, seemingly over each other. He appeared to walk away from her while they were still talking, and she confirmed that by saying she didn't finish her sentence.

And as a result of this, Brewer is expected to explain to Greta van Susteren why she was shaking her finger at the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Townhall.com's Guy Benson says

Obama wasn't satisfied to merely demonize Brewer's state for trying to pick up the feds' slack on the glaring illegal immigration problem, his Attorney General actually sued them over it.  Oh, and his administration added fuel to this fire with their astonishingly ill-conceived and lethal 'fast and furious' debacle, then tried to shift the blame.  Yet the smartest man alive apparently can't understand why Arizona's Republican Governor didn't portray him as a superhero in her book.
Look, before Obama was elected, I wrote Face It, Anything You Say About Obama Is A Gaffe. That's because Obama is African-American, and thus anything you  say about him is automatically racist. I've pointed out that
When President Obama told a direct lie in a speech to congress, and Congressman Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" Maureen Dowd wrote in the New York Times "But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!" [Boy, Oh, Boy , September 12, 2009]

"Fair or not"…oh, boy.

The Christian Science Monitor is a paper written by (mostly) white people in Boston for an almost entirely white readership. Their headline on the Brewer-Obama uses "disrespect" as a verb.

Maybe if Obama is defeated in 2012, America can have a President whom they can safely call a liar and a traitor, as they did for 8 years of Bush.

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