VDARE.com Remembers The Great Rush Limbaugh, Alas Not Uncritically
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Talk radio great Rush Limbaugh has died of cancer at age 70. He’s had cancer for some time, and almost exactly one year ago, he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Donald Trump at a surprise ceremony during the State of the Union address.

In 2003, Rush Limbaugh was fired from an ESPN gig for saying sportswriters were overvaluing black quarterbacks by Donovan McNabb. Steve Sailer wrote this:

In 2009, Rush was unable to buy an NFL team because of a sustained campaign of lies in which he was called racist.

Steve Sailer followed up on the “black quarterback” question here:

In 2012, when Democratic activist Sandra Fluke testified before Congress that she wanted Georgetown, a Catholic University, to be compelled by federal law to pay her three thousand dollars for contraceptives—she meant the Pill, which means she’s asking her university to pay for her to able to have unprotected sex—Limbaugh called her a "slut." He didn’t mean it, of course—what he was saying was that Fluke was asking the Jesuits who run Georgetown to subsidize her sex life.

Democrats and the media attacked, and he lost some advertisers—briefly. The amusing thing, see the last item below, is that advertisers came crawling back, and Limbaugh told them no, he’d replaced them.

If you look through our archives on Rush Limbaugh, you’ll see we were skeptical at times of his attitude towards immigration, but when Trump came along, Rush jumped firmly on the Trump Train.


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