A Midwestern Reader Says Limbaugh Attack Part Of Attempt To Stereotype All White Conservatives And Republicans As Racist—Blames Obama Reelection Fears
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Re: James Fulford’s MAD MEN In Reverse—Limbaugh, Liberty, And Leo Burnett

From: A Midwestern Reader [Email her]

In recent weeks, there has been a shocking and frenzied attempt to stereotype all white conservatives and Republicans as racist, anti-women, and bigoted in every way.

It is like they are throwing the kitchen sink at them. If there was not enough proof before of overwhelming bias in the media, this confirms it.

The liberal establishment people are concerned about Obama being reelected, and they have seized on a sudden opening to demonize Republicans and sow fear and distrust. It is really ironic that this is all happening with the first African American president. All "establishments" resist being changed.

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