A Limbaugh Listener Says Rush HAS Admitted What Immigration Is Doing To Conservatism
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Re: A Berkeley Reader Reports Rush Limbaugh Still In Denial About Minority Voters And The GOP

From: A Limbaugh Listener [Email him]

Rush Limbaugh does indeed know the score on mass immigration and in 2019, late in his career, but before his grim cancer diagnosis, acknowledged immigration’s negative effects on conservatism and recommended an immigration moratorium to Sean Hannity on his show.

This was an explicit admission, the first I’ve ever heard from him, that the GOPs policy of reaching out to Hispanics was well beyond reaping diminishing returns and has flat lined. Too little, too late, but this was such an astonishing admission from him that I bookmarked the show. Sorry, but I don’t recall in which part of the show and in what  context he and Hannity have this conversation, but you can watch it for yourself. 

Sean Hannity show: March 29, 2019

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