SOUND OF FREEDOM: Alleged Hispanic Child Sex Trafficking Is NOT A Reason To Support Open Borders!
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The Sound of Freedom movie is out, and the usual suspects are arguing over the irrelevant, while the nation busters are quietly smiling; they are manipulating White Christians to support their own displacement. Sound of Freedom is about former ICE SVU Special Agent Tim Ballard, who is in despair over a case surrounding child pornography and smuggling alien minors into the United States for prostitution, which are all very bad and very illegal things. However, the Big Lie is that while commercial child sexual exploitation is a serious problem in the Third World, it is not a widespread problem in the United States.

Yes, children are molested and even kidnapped in the United States, but there are few, if any, commercial child sexual exploitation enterprises as shown in the film in the United States. There are teenage runaway prostitutes, there are prostitutes who chose to come to the United States, there are child molesters here. The real problem in the United States, though, is mostly open and public sexual exploitation and mutilation of children, by or for homosexual men, trannies, and the parents of children who support whatever deviancy is presented to them for public consumption and virtue signaling.

And yes, the Left hates the movie, mostly because they hate the lead actor, Jim Caviezel, for his magnificent portrayal of Jesus Christ in The Passion Of The Christ. The Left hates Jesus with their own evil passion, the Truth of Jesus’ message. For that reason they hate Sound of Freedom, even though the fundamental basis of the movie, the myth of widespread sex trafficking of aliens, including minors, is something that the Left supports.

The unholy alliance between nation busters and Evangelical Christians has been damaging the United States since 2000, when those who favor unlimited immigration to replace the Historic American Nation came together with Evangelical Christians to virtue signal about slavery and the nonexistent problem of unaccompanied illegal alien minors entering the United States.

In a contrived moral panic about exploited children crossing the border with Mexico, it was decided that another avenue of immigration to the United States was needed, this time for unaccompanied or exploited children, and, of course, their parents, but that was kept secret from the public. It was The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, later to be known as The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, as amended and reauthorized, a series of laws to address a problem that did not exist.

William Wilberforce was the 19th century antislavery activist, and modern Christians seem to think that slavery and racism are the only sins in the world, though real Christians know that neither was condemned as a sin by God or His Son when He was on Earth. But fighting imagined slavery in the name of brown people is what some Christians want to play at, while their nation is being destroyed by mass immigration.

Sound of Freedom is not particularly accurate when dealing with real child sex trafficking into the United States. One of the early scenes is of a human trafficker bringing a child across the border at the Port-of-Entry at San Ysidro, CA, complete with a fraudulently obtained or purchased American passport—not really a common occurrence. While passport and immigration fraud are common at the border with regard to children, it is to bring children to live here with their parents or other relatives mostly living here illegally, not for sexual exploitation. Sure, it may occasionally happen, but not often: obtaining a real American passport is expensive, even to rent one from Hispanic American border residents. It certainly is not an efficient method of smuggling.

From my 24 years professional experience with the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and with DHS, I never heard of any sex trafficking case, other than one-off cases in the news. Former colleagues, including those with long service at the land border, only know about the smuggling of minors coming to join family members here, not sex trafficking.

In fact, sex trafficking is a myth, at least in the United States. Yet the Left, seeking more immigration, and the Christian right, to virtue signal about non-whites, are in alliance here, and American border security is the real victim of this movie, though it does not directly lobby for open borders. The underlying message is clear to those who know about the obsession of the Deep State for imagined child sex trafficking.

But, despite the fact that alien smuggling is the real problem, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decided long ago that instead of enforcing immigration laws against illegal entry, it would create a non-existent public problem, sexual exploitation of adult and child immigrants, in order to not enforce immigration laws and bring more non-white aliens to the United States. They even gave this conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to not enforce those laws a catchy name, Blue Campaign. Blue Campaign is a deliberate public relations and enforcement program to lie to the American people and increase immigration, literally rewarding illegal aliens engaged in prostitutionxwith lawful permanent residency, green cards,  and illegal aliens bringing their children to the United States using alien smugglers. In fact, the Blue Campaign completes the alien smuggling cycle, at the expense of the American taxpayer forced to fund his own displacement.

While it is not directly addressed in the movie, Ballard is involved in a sketchy non-profit organization, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), the name itself designed to appeal to the virtue signaling Evangelical Christians. OUR appears to be exploiting the alleged exploited, claiming credit for uncovering various cases of underage prostitution in the United States, then claiming those cases are child exploitation and that they stopped it.

Several people familiar with the investigation, however, told VICE World News that it concerns whether OUR has, in recent years, made misleading claims to donors and the public about the work it does, and how directly involved it is in rescue operations. The investigation could also touch on the connection between OUR and current Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, who has had a long public relationship with OUR as an advocate for—and a participant in—their work.

[A Famed Anti-Sex Trafficking Group Has a Problem With the Truth, by Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman, Vice, December 10, 2020]

So, Ballard and OUR appear to be on the same page as ICE SVU: create a problem, or exploit a problem even if outside the United States, and take credit for any action or arrests.

Now, Ballard and OUR may be legitimate and there is a problem in the Third World. Even in the movie, the opening scenes show children being kidnapped off the streets in Third World hellholes, but those poor children are not being brought to the United States as claimed by DHS and the Blue Campaign. More likely they are being raped by African United Nations peacekeepers or perverts overseas. It is fine for Americans to go overseas in search of monsters to slay, but Sound of Freedom is more likely to end up as propaganda for those who want to open up America’s borders. That is not acceptable, and Evangelical Christians need to smarten up. More immigrants won’t save America or America’s soul. Nor will it save their individual souls, especially if they abandon opposition to homosexual marriage to embrace “exploited” illegal aliens and virtue signaling about slavery, while ignoring the domestic problem of child sexual mutilation and homosexual propaganda in the schools.

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