Does Formula 1 Really Think Women Drivers Can Compete, Or Is It Just PR Spin?
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From the New York Times news section:

To Entice Women to Racing, the F1 Academy Picks Up Where the W Series Left Off

The academy is another attempt to get women into Formula 1 in various roles, but also behind the wheel.

By Ian Parkes
Published July 15, 2023
Updated July 24, 2023, 3:07 a.m. ET

It has been 47 years since a woman drove in a Formula 1 Grand Prix, when Lella Lombardi of Italy finished 12th at the Austrian Grand Prix in 1976.

In 2019, the all-female W Series started in an attempt to provide a way to get women behind the wheel, but it collapsed in June without seeing a woman close to a Formula 1 seat.

Now, F1 Academy has filled the void, an all-female racing series started by Formula 1 in April, with 15 drivers competing in three races during seven rounds. The first six are in Europe and the last in Austin, Texas.

If women turned out to be able to compete as top flight Formula 1 drivers when women can’t compete with men in the great majority of sports, wouldn’t that just prove that Formula 1 drivers aren’t real athletes?

Is that really what F1 wants to prove?

Isn’t it more likely that F1 has a giant amount of money so it tends to lie?

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