ICE SVU Now Chasing People Committing "Cyber-Hate" In BRAZIL. How About Guarding The Border, Guys?
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One of the major failures of the Trump Administration was its abject failure to reign in ICE SVU, despite its open insubordination, and put them to work performing immigration law enforcement, the primary statutory responsibility of ICE SVU. Now, with the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty ending any immigration-related law enforcement, including work-site enforcement, ICE SVU has little more to do, so it decided that it will be the World Police Antisemitism Unit, or the International Speech Police.

With no work in the United States, ICE SVU needs to justify its 7,100 Special Agents and 3,500 other employees. So, now ICE SVU has gone abroad searching for monsters to slay. And it has discovered crossbow-wielding Neo-Nazis in the jungles of Brazil. (h/t Eric Striker) And we aren’t talking about the headhunters and cannibals, but four basement dwelling losers who could not even find a pistol to execute their alleged plans  of New Year’s Eve attack on Jews in Brazil.

Now, Brazil is awash in legal and illegal firearms, everyone is armed whether it is in the favelas or among the common people. But ICE SVU thinks that someone with a crossbow and books about Hitler are a threat that requires the attention of ICE SVU while millions of illegal aliens are pouring over our southern border, many of them either from Brazil or Africans and others using Brazil as a transit nation.

We even get a cute operation name and graphics so typical of ICE SVU.

ICE SVU’s International War On Adolf Hitler

See the source image What ICE SVU Think They Are

See the source image

These Are Real ICE SVU Agents, Including The One With The Batwoman Mask

Investigative efforts by Brazilian authorities and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) resulted in the arrest of four individuals involved in online threats, hate crimes, and the planning of mass casualty events.

On Dec. 16, state police and prosecutors’ offices across seven Brazilian states executed 31 search warrants and four arrests based on investigative leads provided by HSI to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP). While executing the search warrants, Brazil police found homemade explosives, weapons, Nazi paraphernalia, and detailed plans of future attacks. One of the perpetrators later stated that he was planning to use these explosives during a New Year’s celebration in the state of São Paulo.

Brazil – A Neo-Nazi Plot To Attack Jewish Targets And Black People Was Thwarted, by Eli Nahum, Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide, December 22, 2021

So, ICE SVU has broken a major terrorist case, massacres were to be committed, dozens, hundreds dead, another 9/11, but this time it was 4 guys with a machete, some knives, Adolf Hitler books, and a crossbow, and in Brazil, not the United States.

Imagine The Headlines, Dozens Killed with 8 Crossbow Bolts And Some Books

Now Brazil is not the U.K. or Japan. Guns are quite common and legally owned. Gun ownership is up in Brazil and illegal guns are easily available as well, the favelas, the notorious Rio de Janiero slums, are filled with gangs and guns, with a literal war being waged against the military and police. And we are led to believe that ICE SVU must wage their own war on internet-based hate? Perhaps it will not be the Google Police coming for internet dissidents, but the new crime that ICE SVU will assign itself, arresting Americans who purchase David Irving’s Hitler’s War online. A fantastic read by the way. With nothing better to do, this could be the next thing for ICE SVU; they are already Hollywood and the NFL’s bitch.

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