More Video Of Biden’s Border Treason: Border Patrol Cutting Razor Wire, Fist Bumping Great Replacement Illegals
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It’s time for Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to start discussing secession and pushing the referendum bill now in the Lone Star House of Representatives. A possible crisis has been brewing since Traitor Joe Biden opened the border to the illegal-alien Great Replacement invasion. The crisis worsened when Biden ordered the Border Patrol to cut the wire. Biden has declared war on his own country, his own people. Secession might be the only way to stop him.

The latest video shows why. Border Patrol agents are not only being good Germans and following Biden’s treasonous orders, but also fist-bumping the invaders as they sashay into the country.

Meanwhile the Stupid Party wants to impeach on Biden’s corruption, as if that were tantamount to Biden’s aiding and abetting a foreign invasion.

Hate Trump leftists openly discussed whether the military should overthrow POTUS 45. Now, we have a president who is openly and proudly trying to destroy the country.

Maybe we should forget impeachment and hope for a more immediate but dangerous solution.

As it is, Abbott must act. He must arrest Border Patrol agents who cut razor wire or obstruct the Tactical Border Force. They are breaking Texas (destruction of property, for starters) and federal law by helping the illegals. Then Abbott must deputize willing, able-bodied Texans, particularly combat veterans, and deploy them to the border. They’d be risking their lives, so he must pay them well.

The governors who have pledged and sent help before must join him.

Because Biden has already imported a bazillion illegals, the GOP must immediately pass legislation to terminate birthright citizenship.

Biden’s plan is clear. Knowing he and his party could be crushed in November 2024, he and the Treason Lobby are planning 30 years into the future. He’s trying to import as many Third World illegals as possible now to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation later.

If Biden or another Treason Lobby Democrat wins the next election, we are doomed.

Now’s the time, Governor Abbott. Your move.

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