ANN COULTER Stupid Party Should Impeach Biden On Border Treason, Not Corruption
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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is being pressured by idiots like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert to impeach Biden for his son Hunter’s sleazy foreign dealings—and thus decimate the reelection chances of every other Republican in Congress. But MJT and Boebert will have tremendous fun doing it and get lots of press, and after all, isn’t that the most important thing?

Meanwhile, the not-stupid—but unfocused—conservative Freedom Caucus is threatening to shut down the government unless they get concessions, primarily cuts in government spending.

I have a secret for you, GOP: No one cares about government spending. I’m sure it’s important, and there are probably a hundred Wall Street Journal articles explaining why, but not more than 1% of voters will ever reward you for cutting spending.

Government spending is Republicans’ ”climate change.” We’ve gotten frantic warnings that the world will end if we don’t cut spending for the last 50 years—exactly as long as we’ve been warned that the world will end if we don’t cut carbon emissions. Year after year, we do nothing, and yet the world doesn’t come remotely close to ending.

You only have a bare majority in one house of Congress, Republicans: This is no time to be hot-shots for causes that won’t get you a single vote.

But you know what would be hugely popular? Put down the Journal and look around you. There’s not a corner of this country that isn’t sick to death of ”migrants” (illegal aliens) streaming into their towns and neighborhoods. And this horror show, now playing nationwide, is 100% Biden’s fault. 100%.

Even the most cosseted, liberal ”sanctuary cities” have cried uncle, pleading for Biden to cut off the flow of illegals.

Just by way of example:

In New York (”sanctuary city” since 1989), migrants (illegal aliens) are crawling over every square inch of the place. You can’t walk down Park Avenue or through Central Park without feeling like you’ve stumbled into a Caracas shantytown. The migrants (illegals) are expected to cost the city $4 billion this year alone, and government estimates are notoriously low.

Mayor Eric Adams has said the ”migrants” (illegals) are going to ”destroy” the city, so for the past year he’s been trying to dump them on other parts of the state. We’re a ”sanctuary city”! Let’s ruin the suburbs instead. In response, more than 30 of New York’s 62 counties have passed emergency measures refusing to take them.

That includes Erie County (Buffalo)—2-1 registered Democrats—where smug executive Mark C. Poloncarz announced in May that it was ”morally repugnant” to turn away migrants (illegal aliens). For the cherry on top, he added, ”Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Within weeks of the migrants (illegals) arriving, they’d already committed two heinous sexual assaults, and Mr. ”Morally Repugnant” refused to take any more.

The last time New York State voted for a Republican president was in 1984. This is New York today, every day:

Republicans, are you awake?

In Massachusetts, the progressive, lesbian governor has declared a state of emergency over the ”migrants” (illegals), requested an additional quarter-billion dollars from the legislature to deal with them and attacked the White House for ”a federal crisis of inaction.”

Yarmouth, Massachusetts, voted 60-40 for Biden. Today, there are daily protests outside the town hall and ”heated five-hour” meetings to denounce the migrant influx.

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a teeming horde of 50 illegals to progressive paradise Martha’s Vineyard, this ”sanctuary destination” called in the National Guard to remove them.

The last time Massachusetts voted for a Republican president was in 1984.

Across Chicago, a city virtually dedicated to giving succor to criminals, residents are up in arms over the ”migrants” (illegal aliens).


As South Shore community activist Natasha Dunn put it, ”Our specific frustration lies in the continuous and blatant disregard for the safety and overall quality of life for black residents, as many of these migrants have been dumped in our neighborhoods.”

Just so we’re clear, the GOP is never, ever going to win the black vote—sorry, clueless donors! But black people sure aren’t going to hate you for impeaching Biden over his refusal to stop inundating the country with millions of poverty-stricken, illiterate illegals, cutting into Americans’ government services. (How many black people do you think care about government spending? Or whites, Hispanics or Asians, for that matter.)

Generally, voters don’t like government shutdowns. They’re also not wild about a president of their own party being impeached.

If you’re going to do either one, GOP, for God’s sake, at least do it for a cause that’s 80-20 popular.



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