PETER BRIMELOW: Another White-Minority Story (Yawn!); The Point Is That U.S. Ruling Class WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN
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It drives me mad (MAD!!!) that there’s suddenly dismay about The Hill’s recent story  America’s white majority is aging out [by Daniel Devise, August 8, 2023]. I SPECIFICALLY POINTED OUT this inexorable trend (absent patriotic immigration reform) in my 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.

This what I wrote on p. 64 in 1995:

The U.S. government officially projects an ethnic revolution in America. Specifically, it expects that American whites will be on the point (53 percent) of becoming a minority by 2050. ….

I won’t be here, of course. And (I’m sorry to say) neither will most of you reading of this page. Still, we probably stand a chance of making it to 2020. In that year, the Census Bureau projects that just less than 64 percent of Americans will be white. And among children under fifteen, whites will be on the point of becoming a minority.

And this is the famous—at least among scandalized reviewers—Pincer Chart of demographic change:

But forget that—my message now: there’s still a lot that the Historic American Nation can do to save itself. It’s just a matter of will.

This white-minority story flares up every so often whenever the brain-dead media notices that some official body has released a report.

More than ten years ago, one of these reports provoked my colleagues at MarketWatch, where I was then strictly confined to a densely technical column on investment letters, to demand that Editor David Callaway (tweet him) not allow me to comment, because they had been scandalized by my completely separate Politically Incorrect role at my website (I can’t be bothered to see if my MarketWatch columns are still archived, but here’s the last one I can find).

This was an early example of James Kirkpatrick’s point that American journalists now see themselves not as truth-tellers, but as censors. It was also a harbinger that the Brer Rabbit/Tar Baby strategy, which had allowed me to build a career in the briar patch of financial journalism in the 1970s despite the media’s liberal/ Communist sympathizer infestation, was no longer possible in the more intensely Totalitarian Woke Era.

Thus the beautiful Lauren Witzke, who scored an historic victory by winning the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Delaware on an immigration moratorium platform, just tweeted:

(Note gloating comments.)

But it’s not devastating, it’s just a wake-up call … if anyone wants to hear it.

We’ve spelled this out at over the years:

  • Americans could enact an Immigration Moratorium

This was effectively done in 1924. And it could have been done again after 2016, when the GOP/GAP controlled the Executive and Legislative Branches.

That it wasn’t done is another story. But the Treason Lobby is obviously still terrified about the possibility, which is why the Biden Regime has (flagrantly impeachably) opened the southern border.

The impact of an immigration moratorium would be dramatic. This is what would have happened if there had been a moratorium after my 1992 National Review cover story Time To Rethink Immigration?

See National Data: How A 1992 Moratorium Could Have Helped Preserve the Historic American Majority, by Ed Rubenstein, July 2, 2012.

Even as of 2007, zero net immigration (= immigration moratorium) would have meant the U.S. might never have become majority-minority.

I must get Ed Rubenstein to recalculate the impact of an immigration moratorium today. But it can only be positive.

  • A minority-majority in the population is NOT the same thing as a minority-majority in the electorate. That would take another 20-plus years.

Steve Sailer pointed this out as long ago as 2009: Even If Immigration Continues, The Sailer Strategy Could Still Win It For The GOP In 2050. This gives plenty of time for the Historic American Nation to take evasive action. For example:

  • Americans could MASS DEPORT illegal aliens.

It’s weird that this option isn’t being widely discussed, because it’s exactly how America ended it its illegal immigration crisis in the 1950s: with President Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback, which removed over a million illegals (N. B. only a fraction were actually deported—one estimate is 300, 000—the rest got the message and left, just as illegals spontaneously self-deported directly after Trump’s 2016 election victory).  The population of the U.S. was then 158 million as opposed to today’s 334 million, so that would be equivalent to more than two million illegals leaving—not enough, but a start.

Also, several foreign countries have recently implemented mass deportations (Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, Algeria, etc.)

Typically, only President Trump is currently talking about mass deportation. Whatever you think of him, he does put new ideas in play.

  • And Americans could abolish Birthright Citizenship. has been urging this for more than twenty years. Now, both leading GOP contenders have endorsed it.

We’ve calculated abolishing Birthright Citizenship would halve the GOP/GAP’s drift to demographic disaster.

  • Americans could make Birthright Citizenship Abolition retroactive!

Why not? India has done it. So it must be OK, right?

The key point here: preventing illegals and their children from voting—entering the Political Nation.

Of course, from long and bitter experience, I don’t all expect that the American Ruling Class will do any of this.

But they could.

And I believe that, one day, they will be held to account.


Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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