What Can The States Do At The Border?
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"What can the states do at the border?" you ask?

They can do what the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) is supposed to be doing: prevent entry, arrest after entry, they can push-back illegal aliens, but they can’t deport invaders.

The big question at the border now is what can State officials can do about the invasion. First, States are authorized by the Constitution to prevent invasion and take military action against invaders independent of Federal action. The Constitution requires that the Federal government protect the States from invasion, but instead the Federal government today is encouraging the invasion, including protecting and rewarding the invaders.

The State of Texas started the State-led efforts many years ago when, during the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, State Troopers and Game Wardens were initially deployed, with fast boats laden with machine guns, to stop the Obama Invasion. Later, Texas National Guard troops and Texas State Militia were deployed. During the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, Texas deployments increased and other States have joined the Texas-led surge at the border. Much is to naught, as the Biden Regime is redirecting illegal aliens from illegal entry over the land border to unlawful parole-and-release at Ports-of-Entry (POE) through Parole Amnesty and Catch-And-Release.

Texas is innovating and is now deploying a fence down the middle of the river. Take that, NRO girlie man Kevin Williamson.

In the latest in his series of state-level immigration-control initiatives, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has okayed an unusual new tool: a floating marine barrier to be deployed in the Rio Grande, three sources with direct knowledge confirmed to the Center for Immigration Studies.

The first 1,000 feet of floating barrier, consisting of large rotating buoys strung tightly together on thick steel cable, will be rolled out on a highly trafficked stretch of the Rio Grande between Piedras Negras, Mexico, and Eagle Pass, Texas, where a rising torrent of immigrant family groups have been crossing to turn themselves in since the end of Title 42 pandemic instant expulsions May 12, the sources said. Immigrants would have difficulty crossing over the buoys because they would rotate backward toward immigrants attempting to climb over them.

[Texas to Deploy Marine Barrier in the Rio Grande to Block New Surge of Immigrants, by Todd Bensman, CIS, June 8, 2023]

Innovative and forward thinking. However, the deep-water parts of the Rio Grande are only one part of the problem, with Texas borders: The shallow, walkable, parts of the Rio Grande are a greater problem. Such water barriers won’t work if the water is only ankle-deep and the river can be crossed on foot, such as near El Paso. Here, other tactics are necessary, which include barbed wire and lots of it. But barbed wire is passive; what is needed is a more proactive response.

Some arrests are being made, invaders are blocked by barbed wire, but there is a certain question about what can be done proactively.

Within several weeks of having been deployed to Texas to help police the U.S. southern border with Mexico, Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that law enforcement teams on the ground have already assisted in 190 arrests of criminal illegal aliens, including the detention of illegal aliens wanted for capital murder.

In addition, Florida law enforcement personnel, which consists of elements from [:] The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Florida National Guard (FLNG), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) – Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), also assisted Texas officials in arresting an MS-13 gang member that was on the U.S. Terror Watch List.

In all, since first arriving in the border region, Florida law enforcement and military elements have “made contact” with an estimated 5,800 illegal aliens.

[DeSantis’s  Deployment of Law Enforcement, Military to Border is Paying Off, by Javier Manjarres, The Floridian, June 6, 2023]

Just what were those 5,800 “contacts” with aliens? Are Floridian Troopers and Guardsmen arresting invaders just to turn them over to the USBP? I hope not, since what is the point of aiding the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty?

What needs to happen is the push-back of illegal aliens or the detention of invaders and escorting them back across the border. The Invasion Clause of the Constitution gives States the authority to push-back or expel invaders as a war power, which includes taking prisoners of war and removing said prisoners from the battlefield. This is not formal deportation, which only the Federal government can do.

In addition to push-back, the State officers and Guardsmen can also interfere with the ongoing Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. One of the tactics being used by the Biden Regime is allowing illegals to enter the United States under escort through gates in the fence. What Texas and Floridian officers can do is seize control of the gates and physically prevent invaders from entering the gates and obtaining their parole or release from the Biden Regime.

The troops and officers at the border can also start real push-back at the border. Illegal aliens are continuing to line up along the fence to be processed and released by the USBP.

The Texas Tactical Border Force and the officers and Guardsmen from other States can start deploying a riot line between the fence and the river, forcing the invaders back en masse with riot shields, bayonets, batons, pepper spray, and tear gas.

Actual physical action against the invaders won’t be pretty, but the American people will support it.

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