Great Replacement Update: Biden Released 100K Illegals In The Last 20 Days
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared an invasion at the border for a reason. He ordered the installation of razor wire for a reason. And he ordered the installation of a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass for a reason. President Joe Biden is violating U.S. immigration law by permitting an illegal alien invasion of the United States, even sending National Guardsmen and Border Patrol to stop Abbott from protecting Texas.

The latest: Border agents removed the razor wire. Abbott ordered it replaced.

But a recent X post from the National Border Patrol Council showed Biden’s iron determination to import as many illegals as possible before the 2024 election that he might well lose (if he’s even the candidate). Since September 1, Biden has released 100,000 illegals—5,000 every dayto colonize the heartland and replace the Historic American Nation:

Biden and the Treason Lobby know what they’re doing is illegal on multiple counts. They know the invasion cannot be sustained forever. 

Biden, or at least his underlings, know that. Thus, they’re madly rushing to import as many Great Replacers as possible before an electoral disaster puts a GOP president in White House. He just might end the invasion, and one hopes, try to repair the damage. 

Recall what POTUS 45 Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have promised: deportations, a border wall, defunding sanctuary cities, ending birthright citizenship, etc. Biden and the Treason Lobby must be worried given the latest Real Clear Politics averages of polls in a Trump v. Biden or DeSantis v. Biden election. Trump is ahead; DeSantis is barely behind.


Maybe Stupid Party Strategerists should take note. Forget about impeaching Biden for corruption. Instead, impeach him for violating his oath to “faithfully execute” his office, breaking the law by refusing to enforce it, and aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States.

Use the impeachment to tell Americans just what Biden has done to their country. 

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