Patriots At DHS Attempting Enforcement
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Earlier by Federale: "Significant Escalation" Against Sanctuary Cities And States—Based Bill Barr Following Federale/ Advice!

Following on Based Bill Barr’s opening salvos against Sanctuary Cities, it appears that there are some patriots at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who want to take action. Besides "Ken The Knife" Cuccinelli, there is also James McCament, and perhaps he reads Federale and Apparently a memorandum was written regarding possible actions DHS can take to confront the criminal activity of Sanctuary Cities and this memorandum was leaded to to a Muslim advocate for illegal aliens at BuzzFeed.

The hack at BuzzFeed reported on the memorandum, but did not provide a copy, so all this is obviously manipulated for the consumption of the low tier BuzzFeed readership, basically GoodWhites, liberals from San Francisco, New York, and the Beltway.

It is clear that there is a reason BuzzFeed 's Hamed Aleaziz has deep-sixed the memorandum, but from what he wrote, mostly point and sputtering about the temerity of DHS to enforce the immigration laws of the United States, there is some hope that an enforcement mentality is seeping up into the DHS mindset.


Hero James McCament

The Trump administration drafted a slew of plans to consider not only circumventing state laws limiting the Department of Homeland Security’s access to driver records, but to retaliate against states that are refusing to provide the information they seek, according to government documents obtained by BuzzFeed News.

According to a DHS memo, the administration considered using “friendly” states to discreetly collect information for federal immigration authorities that would otherwise be inaccessible by law. The plans also include retaliation measures against states that limit access to records, such as closing down DHS offices there, refusing to accept their state identification, cutting TSA PreCheck services, and potentially subpoenaing for drivers’ licenses provided to undocumented immigrants

The fourth option provided by McCament would potentially cause outrage among immigrant advocates: “Encourage Department of Justice to defend ICE filing a subpoena for all greenlight licenses,” an apparent reference to the New York law, which allows those who are undocumented to obtain a driver’s license.

[DHS Considered How To Punish States That Deny Access To Driver Records, A Memo Says, by Hamed Aleaziz, BuzzFeed, February 10, 2020]

Your humble correspondent has been advocating subpoenas for driver’s license records of illegal aliens for years. I must say that finally someone at DHS realizes that such subpoenas are powerful weapons in the fight against illegal aliens, and, importantly, something that the nation busters fear. The only real question is why has it taken so long for senior management at DHS to realize this? Well, because most senior management, and the Dirty 19 at ICE SVU, were on the side of illegal aliens.

What was not mentioned in the article, and if it had been in the memorandum, it most likely would have been mentioned, was direct enforcement of immigration laws at scofflaw State driver’s license offices. This tells us that there is still resistance to real enforcement at the highest levels, which is disappointing. Direct enforcement in Sanctuary Cities and States is the best response to illegal actions by cities and States to aid illegal immigration.

Raids, sweeps, checkpoints, and work-site enforcement is the real tool that would solve the Sanctuary City issue, as well as arresting and prosecuting State and local officials who interfere with enforcement. The time is ripe for the very big hammer that DHS and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have, which is arrests and prosecutions.

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