Federale: On Expedited Removal, Is It A Lying Press, Or A Stupid Press? (We KNOW The Treason Bar Is Lying)
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While immigration law and policy are complicated and the Trump Administration has not helped things with clarity and adherence to the law, the Administration has let Deep State saboteurs make things worse, and less clear. Remain In Mexico is an example.

However, that is not an excuse for the immigration reporters not knowing the basics, nor for not making an effort beyond being a transcription service for the Treason Bar and Open Borders advocates.

A case in point for the Lying Press, Lügenpresse if you will, is this  pack of lies below, or if one is more charitable, this  error-filled "screed" that reflects no effort by the reporter to find the facts.

As it involves a member of the Treason Bar, perhaps the reporter just accepted the lies at face value. But reporters are supposed to do more than repeat claims from an interested party like a parrot. So, stupid press or Lügenpresse, you decide.

First, the breathless baby-waving by the Lying Press; another injustice done to illegal aliens, their legal due process is too efficient and fast.

As she was reviewing her past week’s client cases, immigration lawyer Charlene D’Cruz noticed a disturbing trend: None of her clients had first-hearing cases scheduled for February. In fact, she hadn’t received any new clients with a first hearing scheduled.

D’Cruz, who works for the nonprofit Lawyers for Good Government and aids migrants living in a refugee camp in Matamoros, Mexico, said “a light bulb suddenly went off” in her brain and she realized that controversial immigration policies that lead to expedited removals of asylum-seekers were now being used on migrants crossing into South Texas.

[Expedited Removal Policies Are Being Implemented In South Texas, Immigration Lawyers Say, WGNO, by Sandra Sanchez (From BorderReport.com) January 3, 2020]

So, we have the full panoply of agenda-based journalism. Single sourced to politically motivated activist, no effort to find unbiased sources, no balance, just lies and errors.

The major error Sandra Sanchez made both in the headline and in the body of the story is saying this group of illegal aliens were being placed in expedited removal. Expedited Removal (ER) is a specific legal process in immigration law and enforcement procedure enshrined in statute. ER is where an alien arrested within the United States or is an arriving alien at a Port-of-Entry (POE) is removed, or deported, from the United States without benefit of either administrative review by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the administrative courts for immigration cases, or the Federal courts.

What the journalist does after these introductory paragraphs is go on to conflate ER with the normal process of review of an alien’s claim before the EOIR.

The controversial policies are known as PACR and HARP, which stand for Prompt Asylum Claim Review, and Humanitarian Asylum Review Process, respectively. These policies were first started in El Paso in October under the Trump administration. Opponents of these policies say they deny asylum-seekers access to legal counsel when they’re screened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, and it often leads to their quick deportation with no asylum claims granted or future court hearings scheduled.

D’Cruz — who said she typically does intake for up to 50 new asylum-seekers daily at the Matamoros refugee camp where 2,500 migrants now live — told Border Report on Thursday that she believes both policies are being used on new migrants in CBP’s Rio Grande Sector.

The  Treason Bar, illegal aliens, and alien smugglers have long been relying on a backlogged EOIR with over one million cases waiting to be heard as part of their strategy to flood the country. The scheme is this, bring an alien to the United States with either a legitimate or illegitimate, but mostly illegitimate, asylum claim; get arrested either at the border, the POE, or further into the United States; upon arrest, claim asylum; then game the overburdened custody system, where there are approximately 40,000 detention spaces; get released with an EOIR court date; appear or not at the court date; if appear, have nothing done at the first hearing, the Master Calendar hearing, which is nothing more than scheduling future hearings. The result is an alien released and remaining in the United States for years. That is the scheme.

What PACR and HARP, for non-Mexicans and Mexicans respectively, are is an interruption of that scheme. Instead of being automatically released to mostly never appear for future hearings or game the backlog, aliens are held in custody and the whole hearing process is held within weeks. It means that instead of a Master Calendar hearing and future pointless court appearances where the underlying claim by the alien is not addressed, the alien and their attorney are required to present the case for asylum immediately. And, no, the aliens are not denied legal representation or an attorney. That is just another example of the Lying Press repeating without critical review the claims of the Treason Bar. Another example of agenda-driven journalism of the Lügenpresse.

The only question here: Is it deliberate lies by the press or is it just lazy agenda-driven journalists who refuse to do their job and do some research? Now, clearly someone is lying, and clearly the Treason Bar lawyer Charlene D’Cruz is either leading the press on, silent about obvious errors, or in collusion with the Lying Press for a political agenda. My money is on a collusion of lies for a political purpose, the election of a new people.

And then we get the money quote, the activists are upset that this process is taking days, not years. Plot foiled.

“Instead of waiting weeks for the credible fear interview (CFI), all of that is condensed down to a few days including the Border Patrol doing the CFI, which is just outrageous because you have the prosecutor acting as the judge, if you will,” said Olivares, whose nonprofit organization also gives legal aid to migrants at the Matamoros camp.[Emphasis added]

And it is not about truth, as an alien fleeing persecution does not have to take time to understand anything about the asylum process, but just truthfully tell their experiences that would then qualify them for asylum. But, the nation breakers let it slip, this is not just about telling the truth, but about “framing,” which is a term used in marketing and advertising, it’s about convincing someone, not just telling the facts.

Expediting this process does not allow migrants the opportunity to understand the U.S. legal system or time to frame their pleas for asylum, Olivares said.[Emphasis added]

Persons fleeing Communist persecution did not have to frame their stories, they just had to tell the truth about their oppressive governments. No need to “frame” anything.

And, of course, lawsuits have been filed claiming the Constitution mandates the release of asylum applicants and their being given years to “frame” their claims.

According to the plaintiffs, PACR and HARP:

Violate federal statutes that guarantee asylum seekers’ right to counsel during the initial credible-fear process.

Keeping asylum seekers in CBP custody for the duration of that process is “arbitrary and capricious.”

Effectively deprives migrants of a meaningful opportunity to apply for asylum or relief pursuant to international treaties, and is thus illegal.

Las Americas is asking a federal judge to make the Department of Homeland Security, CBP’s parent agency, stop the PACR and HAPR programs; vacate any pending orders of expedited removal against asylum seekers; return those whose removal was expedited; and parole both groups of people into the United States until they undergo a credible-fear process fully compliant with U.S. law.

[CBP Pilot Program Places Lives Of Asylum Seekers In Danger, Lawsuit Alleges, by Julian Resendez, Border Report, December 23, 2019]

While I am glad that the Trump Administration is doing something about the problem of fraudulent asylum claims and gaming the process, it is not to their credit that they failed to obtain votes from a Republican House when they had the chance to make legislative reforms to asylum, such as making asylum claims part of the real Expedited Removal process, rather than continuing to involve Deep State operatives in U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the EOIR.



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