"Please, God, Don’t Let Me Get Stopped!"—Illegals Are Starting To Feel The Trump Heat
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Your correspondent has been critical, and justly so, of the Trump Administration immigration program.  In the defense of the Administration, much of their problems have been outside their control, though not all.  DACA was major blunder, but sabotage by #DeepState Resisters has also been a major problem.

But there are some good signs.  Importantly the Trump Administration has illegal aliens living in fear.  Fear is the mind killer, and the illegal aliens and their enablers in the #LyingPress are not happy.  And frightening illegal aliens was something I advised, nothing like a panic to encourage illegal aliens to leave.

In the good news department, illegal aliens are starting to feel the heat and preparing to leave. They're getting the message from the Trump Administration.

The neighbor dials another, who passes it on. It takes less than 15 minutes for everyone in the complex to hear about “la migra,” whereupon they shut their doors and hold their breath. Some show up late to work, and others skip it altogether. The school bus might leave some children behind.

“It’s just us helping each other out,” said Ms. Monteros, 35. “There’s fear every day...”

Freed of constraints, the regional ICE office in Atlanta made nearly 80 percent more arrests in the first half of this year than it did in the same period last year, the largest increase of any field office in the country.

It has had help. Local sheriffs and the police have been working with federal agents to identify and detain immigrants, a model of cooperation that the Trump administration is rapidly trying to expand throughout the country.

Every few hours, an unauthorized immigrant is booked into a county jail on charges as serious as assault and as minor as failing to signal a right turn. Then the jail alerts ICE — contrary to what happens in the so-called sanctuary cities repeatedly denounced by Mr. Trump, where local authorities refuse to turn immigrants over to the federal agency except in cases involving the gravest crimes.

Atlanta’s immigrants can do little but hide. At strip-mall taquerias and fruit stands, business has lagged. Word of the arrests flows through neighborhood phone trees, and Facebook has become an early-warning system for people desperate for clues about where ICE is operating.

[‘Please, God, Don’t Let Me Get Stopped’: Around Atlanta, No Sanctuary for Immigrants, by Vivian Yee, NYT/MSN, November 24, 2017]

And even in New York, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO) is putting fear into the hearts of illegal aliens.
And every year, when the parents went to see the authorities at Immigration and Customs Enforcement to renew their stay of removal, they went as a family.

After this year’s meeting, they came home one short.

On Nov. 15, Juan was detained and sent to the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey to await deportation to his native Ecuador in the coming weeks. His wife was allowed to go home, but under supervision and with orders to return this week to prove she has purchased a one-way ticket back to Colombia for mid-January. Their lawyer, Jillian Hopman, was stunned by what she saw as a heartless bureaucracy going after low-hanging fruit rather than the “bad hombres” of legend.

“For a family that does everything together, this is heartbreaking,” Ms. Hopman said. “Juan’s mother’s health has seriously deteriorated, and he is the one who cares for her. His wife has all kinds of medical problems, including complex cysts in her breasts. ICE did not care about any of this.

[Being Deported From Home for the Holidays, by David Gonzalez, NYT, November 26, 2017]

Yes, you noticed a trend, the NYT is nothing more than shameless baby wavers on behalf of illegal aliens, and they are starting to panic.  They see the deportations expanding.  Sadly though, the schizophrenic nature of ICE kicked in there.  Why weren't both parents taken into custody?

And yet more fear and gnashing of teeth from David Gonzalez from the NYT:

“I don’t think anything coming from the White House can be trusted,” Ms. Alulema said. “Washington is playing with the dreams and lives of so many people. I’ve become cynical and won’t believe anything until I see signed papers. I do not feel safer.”

She goes about her day knowing she has to be ready. The lawyers she has consulted are not optimistic. A trip she had planned to visit her father in Ecuador has been delayed, like many other things in her life. She wonders if it’s time to go back to Ecuador.

“One day, I stopped and thought how my parents were even younger than me when they came here,” she said. “My mother came here not knowing the language or anyone else. She took that risk, so why can’t I take that risk and leave everything? I have these amazing tools my parents gave me, an education. You get tired of living in fear and being limited. I am blessed with my health and education. Why can’t I use it to my fullest potential?”

[Living in Fear in the U.S.: Time to Take Her Education and Leave?, by David Gonzalez, NYT,  March 5, 2017]

Yes, why not?  Your nation will welcome you home.  Please leave.

The real question though is can David Gonzalez do any reporting other than agenda journalism?  Obviously not.  But his fear and anger is palpable, as is the fear of the illegal aliens.  And it is time for President Trump to capitalize on that fear.

And it might appear that there are secret orders out to ICE ERO on the issue.  Word has come to your correspondent that ICE ERO and the Border Patrol have restarted interior enforcement, and not just arresting criminal aliens, absconders, and previous deportees, the ostensive subjects of "targeted enforcement" that saboteurs like David Marin keep babbling on about.

In certain areas, ICE ERO and Border Patrol are now doing Area Control (AC) and City Patrol (CP), two techniques from yesteryear where illegal aliens on the street were targeted for identification and arrest.  In some areas, a half a dozen unmarked vans patrol urban areas, suppressing illegal immigration and putting fear into the hearts of illegal aliens.  In other urban areas near the border, Border Patrol Agents are now authorized and assigned to CP away from the border to identify and arrest Mexican illegal aliens and remove them immediately to Mexico.

While this has not reached problem areas like San Francisco, is CP and AC on the way back to the Sanctuary Cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles? I hopes so, and I encourage Thomas Homan and President Trump to expand CP and AC to those areas defying immigration law.  Operation Wetback, it worked, but keep it on the down low;  first rule of Operation Wetback is don't talk about Operation Wetback.


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