Ramaswamy: America Should Defend Its Border, Israel Can Defend Its Border. Shapiro: America “Can Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time”
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Squeaky Ben Shapiro was upset recently when Vivek Ramaswamy, the GOP Indian CEO running for president, said that he would tell Bibi Netanyahu that Israel must defend its own border, and that he, Ramaswamy, would defend America’s southwest border.

“Now, I’m a big fan of solidifying the American border,” Shapiro said:

I’ve been calling for the American border to be closed for years and years and years. In fact, as long as I can remember talking about the immigration debate, I’ve talked about the fact that the southern border has been basically unprotected. I don’t have any idea what that has to do with Israel destroying Hamas. But here was Vivek Ramaswamy trying to connect the two, with the implication being, that basically, cut Israel loose in the face of all its enemies because we need to protect the border or something, which again, two disconnected issues. American can walk and chew gum at the same time as it turns out.

Shapiro cuts to Ramaswamy: 

The founding vision of Israel was based on the idea that they don’t want to depend on anybody else’s sympathy or direction in defending themselves. So what I would tell Bibi, is that Israel has the right and responsibility to defend itself. I would tell him to smoke those terrorists on his southern border, and then I’ll tell him, as president of the United States, I’ll be smoking the terrorists on our southern border. That’s his responsibility. This is our responsibility. 

That ducks the question of “what level of material support you wish to provide to Israel, which is the actual question,” Shapiro claimed.

Maybe. But then again, note that Shapiro, like most other “conservatives,” simply assumes that all presidential candidates must agree that the American commitment to defending Israel’s border is perpetual. And here’s some news for Squeaky Ben: America isn’t all that good at chewing gum and walking at the same time. Our border is open, and has been for years. Israel’s border is closed. Israel builds border walls and shoots infiltrators.

And by the way, Shapiro doesn’t much care about closing our southwest border. If he did, he wouldn’t say things like this:

I don’t give a good damn about the so-called browning of America. Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.

Maybe he’ll give a good damn about when Great Replacement is done, and the new brown Third World majority ends aid to Israel and endorses “Holocaust denial” and other “antisemitic” tropes [ADL Poll of Over 100 Countries Finds More Than One-Quarter of Those Surveyed Infected With Anti-Semitic Attitudes, ADL.org, May 13, 2014]. He’ll quickly learn that color does matter. A lot.

As it is, Ramaswamy is right: Let Israel defend itself.

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