"The Community"—Detroit FGM Doctor A Member Of Dawoodi Bohras, An Indian Shiite Sect That Refuses To Stop Cutting Little Girls
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We've done three blog items on clitorectomies committed by "Detroit Doctors"—I.E. Muslims.

In one item, we noted that
The Detroit News article, of course, calls [Jumana ] Nagarwala a “Detroit physician” but numerous articles cite her “Indian origin” or “Indian heritage.” The name Nagarwala is associated with the Maharashtra region of India, and her now deleted profile at the Henry Ford Hospital said that she is fluent in English and Gujarati.
There was not a lot more information about Nagarawala's  religion or national origin than our  guess about the Maharashtra region of India,—and that was better than the MSM, which is still saying "Detroit" or "Livonia" doctor. Here's a complaint about the Washington Post's reporting on it.

However, this isn't the familiar obscurantism from the Washington Post, which will always allow the victims of black crime to "die in darkness", while maintaining a policy of attempting to bring down American governments and expose American military secrets.

The story [ Detroit-area doctor charged with performing genital mutilation on girls , April 13, 2017] was correct—the actual Federal complaint [PDF] signed by an actual FBI agent didn't name the "Community" involved:

The "Community" is not named. But now there's a report—in Mother Jones, of all places—naming them. Tasneem Raja, a survivor of genital mutilation, reports that they're the

Dawoodi Bohras, a Shiite branch of Islam based in Gujarat, India, with an estimated 1.2 million followers around the world and thriving outposts across America. Some Bohras and others say the sect has veered toward a cult of personality and away from Islamic principles; it's ruled by a well-heeled clergy of "totalitarian kings" with unusually wide-reaching control over their followers

Immigration comes into this story—the youngish, female doctor was, Ms. Raja reports, "born in Washington, DC", which makes her the medical equivalent of all those "homegrown" Arab or Muslim terrorists  like Omar Mateen. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, right, is an immigrant. His medical education started at Baroda college in Gujarat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that half a million girls in the United States were affected by or at risk for mutilation in 2012. I know of dozens of Bohra women whose parents had them cut in America over the last 30 years, from New York City to Houston to Chicago. Others were taken out of country to have the procedure done, a practice called "vacation cutting" that's now also illegal in the United States.

We're the first generation of Bohras born in America. Our parents began settling here after the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which brought a wave of South Asian engineers, doctors, and other professionals to America. In our teens and 20s, my friends and I who underwent khatna assured each other the practice would die out as Bohras assimilated. We're now in our 30s, and it hasn't stopped. Some women our age and younger are still arranging or considering khatna for their own daughters.

"Nothing is going to change," sighed the friend who called me to discuss the Nagarwala case. She spoke with a bitterness I could almost taste in my own mouth. "They'll use this one doctor as a scapegoat, let her take the heat, and pretend it never happened."

Obviously, she's talking about the Bohra leadership—but she might as well be talking about the MSM.




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