Little Clinic On The Prairie—Muslim Immigrant Gynecologist Charged With Multiple Counts Of Sexual Assault In Saskatchewan
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One of the amusing products of multicultural propaganda is Little Mosque On The Prairie, a CBC-TV propaganda series about Muslims colonizing Western Canada. It’s not amusing in the sense of actually being funny, as far as I know. It's funny in what it tells you about multicultural propaganda.

It’s supposed to be about the awfulness of white people in the province of Saskatchewan being prejudiced  towards Muslims, and is actually, of course, a product of the awfulness of bien-pensant Torontonians hating Canadian Westerners the way New Yorkers hate people in Texas or Idaho.

Saskatchewan is geographically due north of Montana and North Dakota. Mark Steyn wrote about Little Mosque On The Prairie (which ran on Canadian state-funded TV until 2011) in 2007:

Mark Steyn: The Little Mosque that Couldn't -

Macleans - Canada ^ | February 7, 2007

The other day I was giving a speech in Washington and, in the questions afterwards, the subject of Little Mosque On The Prairie came up.

“Muslim is the new gay,” I said. Which got a laugh. “That’s off the record,” I added. “I want a sporting chance of getting home alive.” And I went on to explain that back in the Nineties sitcoms and movies began introducing gay characters who were the most likeable and got all the best lines, and that Muslims were likely to be the lucky beneficiaries of a similar dispensation. In both cases, the intent is the same: to make Islam, like homosexuality, something only uptight squares are uncool with.

At the time I hadn’t seen so much as a trailer for Little Mosque. But it seemed a reasonable enough assumption that nine times out of ten the joke would be on the “irrational” prejudices and drearily provincial ignorance of the Saskatchewan hicks. And sure enough, if you settled down to watch the first episode, it opened up with some stringy stump-toothed redneck stumbling on a bunch of Muslims praying and racing for the telephone. “Is this the Terrorist Attack Hotline? You want me to hold?” [More]

I thought of that, as I read that a gynecologist named Mohammed Haque had been charged with sexual offenses allegedly committed at a little clinic on the prairie in small-town Saskatchewan.

Aside from Dr. Mohammed Haque’s evocative first name, the only clue that this crime was allegedly committed by a Muslim immigrant is in paragraph 7 of a 7-paragraph story: ”Haque received his medical degree in Bangladesh”. That’s a detail that didn’t appear in any other story.

Six sexual assault charges laid against former Yorkton gynecologist

Saskatoon StarPhoenix

February 18, 2016

A 72-year-old man is facing six counts of sexual assault dating back to 2001, when he worked as a gynecologist in Yorkton.

Dr. Mohammed Haque was arrested Feb. 2 at his home in London, Ont. He is scheduled to appear Feb. 22 in Yorkton provincial court.

According to RCMP on Thursday, a woman went to the Yorkton detachment in 2001 to file a sexual assault report. Since the time the investigation started, “12 females in total have come forward with a complaint of a similar nature,” RCMP said in a news release, detailing the charges.

The offences are alleged to have happened between 2001 and 2008.

Police said all of the females reported that they initially encountered Haque at a medical facility in Yorkton where he worked.

Following a long investigation, Haque was arrested and charged. He is currently free on condition, including having no contact with any of the alleged victims.

Haque received his medical degree in Bangladesh, trained in the UK, and was first licensed in Canada in 1988.

In order to avoid inflaming the "stringy stump-toothed redneck" population, the Canadian media have suppressed even the doctor's name in all the headlines: So if the "stump-toothed redneck" (i. e. white farmer) population of Saskatchewan isn't paying really close attention, they'll have no way of knowing that their prejudices were (allegedly, for legal reasons) correct all along.





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