Pervert Gynecologist Nikita Levy Turns Out To Have Been A Black Jamaican Immigrant
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A gynecologist named Nikita Levy (now deceased) who secretly photographed his female patients cost the hospital which employed him almost 200 million dollars.

Hopkins agrees to pay $190 million to settle Levy claims

Class-action settlement over doctor's secret recording of patients

By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

7:16 p.m. EDT, July 21, 2014

If you click through on that story, you'll see a picture of two white lawyers discussing the settlement.

Here's a picture of Dr. Levy:


Dr. Levy was from Jamaica, and worked in a hospital in East Baltimore. His victims were mostly black women.

I took that picture from Rage against the patriarchy, Dr. Nikita Levy, and the devaluation of black women, By j.n. salters, FeministWire, April 17, 2013.

Salters, a bell hooks fan who apparently is lowercasing her name on purpose, describes Levy as :

a doctor accused of illegally and nonconsensually videotaping and photographing possibly over one thousand patients—mostly women of color—during their medical procedures. I am not only angry at the black doctor who used his power, position, and race to gain illicit access to the bodies of these women, but also at the media and our white supremacist society for its insistent racism, sexism, and classism that allow such exploits to take place and then get downplayed or overlooked.[Emphasis added]

I'm afraid that when a black  affirmative action case commits a crime like this, the extent to which it's "downplayed or overlooked" is anti-racism.

Salters gets to write

On February 4, 2013, the late Dr. Nikita Levy, a Jamaican-born obstetrician/ gynecologist who worked at Johns Hopkins’ East Baltimore Medical Center—a center that primarily serves low-income African-American women—was accused of secretly recording patients during exams. An employee reported the doctor to hospital officials after becoming suspicious of a pen that Levy would consistently wear around his neck while examining patients.

only because she herself is a black woman.


Most news stories about this have headlines that don't identify him in any way, except as a Johns Hopkins gynecologist.

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