VDARE.com: Saturday's Letters: A New York Reader Reminds Immigrants of the Importance of Learning English
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Saturday's Letters: A New York Reader Reminds Immigrants of the Importance of Learning English

From: Barry Farber [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: McCain, WSJ 'Amnestied Aliens Will Learn English, Civics!" Joe Guzzardi "When Hell Freezes Over!"

Thanks to Guzzardi for his always-insightful articles and his unflagging determination to tell us the real news from the front lines of (non) assimilation.

My grandparents were ground-kissing grateful to be in America and learned English to the extent that their children spoke no Yiddish!

They had no dreams of a Jewish conquista, much less a reconquista, so for them English was always a top priority.

My guess is the Spanish-speaking population today has reached such a critical mass that it can go a lifetime without speaking English.

I'd like to know Guzzardi's diagnosis of why there are empty seats in his classes.

Farber, who speaks 26 tongues, is a host of Talk Radio Network, the founder and president of the New York Language Club and the author of several books including How to Learn Any Language. Says Farber about what it means when immigrants don't learn English: "Whosoever simply refuses to learn the language of his chosen homeland is not just admitting but proclaiming, 'I am an indigestible element inside your body!'

Joe Guzzardi responds to Farber's question about empty ESL classrooms:

The reason the classes are empty is exactly what Farber points out: the Mexicans (and to a lesser extent Asians and Muslims) are so entrenched in their enclaves that there is no need to learn English. They can live their entire personal lives without speaking English.  And now at work, Spanish is so commonly spoken that they don't have to speak English there either.

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Saturday's Letters: A Virginia Reader Ask What About Amnesty's Impact On Schools? What About Medical Screening?

From: Deena Flinchum [e-mail her]

Re: Juan Mann's Column: As Guest Worker Amnesty Looms, Remember The GAO Fraud Report

There are two major events that would occur within months if Congress passes an amnesty. Neither has been debated.

The first is the massive inundation that our K-12 schools will receive as immediate family members are reunited with our newly-amnestied illegals.

The second is the equally massive medical screening task that should be completed—but probably will not be—on amnestied immigrants.

First, if immediate family members (spouses and minor children) are allowed to join the newly amnestied immigrants, we will see millions of children of all ages entering our K-12 public schools.

Many of these children will have had little or no schooling in their native countries, and most will not speak English well.

Most of them will enter schools that are already struggling with the English as a Second Language children already in our country. They will require resources to bring them up to a level where they can actually begin to benefit from the regular course work that students are expected to complete under No Child Left Behind.

If they are truant or fail the NCLB tests, they will severely impact our schools, possibly even forcing cuts in their federal funding. Our schools will find it increasingly difficult to offer decent math, science and technology educations to those students able to benefit from them whatever their origin. 

It is also possible that we will see an enormous amount of fraud, as we did in 1986, as friends and distant relatives are reunited with immigrants in the US who are not really their immediate families.

Second, all legal immigrants are screened for contagious diseases before they are allowed into the US. Therefore, the amnestied immigrants, who were never screened since they were previously illegal, should also be subject to a medical testing. 

As recent research projects have indicated, there has been a dramatic rise in some communicable diseases in the US in recent years as a result of the influx of unscreened illegal immigrants.

Particularly dramatic is the rise in drug resistant tuberculosis. If we start the screening amnestied immigrants, we will also have to trace the contacts of any of those who test positive for these communicable diseases.

Even if the US decides not to make a medical screening part of the amnesty process, we will still face years of work in tracking down contagious diseases brought into the US by these illegal immigrants; however, we will be doing it one case at a time as new outbreaks are discovered.

When you consider that 20 million illegal immigrants may be at issue, this is shaping up to be a disaster.

Flinchum, who lives in southwest Virginia, retired a few years ago from a career in the exciting and now endangered—at least for US workers—field of Information Technology.  She spends her time doing volunteer work for a local library, a humane society, a farmers' market, and a branch of Second Harvest. She has had several letters to the editor and op-eds published, mainly dealing with immigration issues.

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Saturday's Letters: A California Reader Says Make It Two Days Without An Immigrant

From: [Name Withheld]

Re Brenda Walker Blog: Mark May Day On Your Calendar!

How about two days without an immigrant?

After the immigrant community abuses our hospitality on May 1st, let's have a second boycott on May 2nd.

Every American citizen who has an immigrant maid, housekeeper, or gardener should tell him or her that his services will not be needed on that day.

Every American grower with immigrant work crews should tell them that crops will not be picked that day. Every American contractor with immigrant construction crews should schedule no work for that day.

And American consumers should boycott any business where they are served by immigrant staff on that day.

Can't tell who is an immigrant and who isn't?

Then use this as a rough guide: On May 2nd, simply don't shop anywhere that you have trouble understanding the English spoken by the staff.

The writer is a resident of the Bay Area of Northern California

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Saturday's Letters: A Mexican Reader Makes An Anatomically Impossible Suggestion

From: Edgar Joel Vega Diaz [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi

Why you don't go to F— you?

Joe Guzzardi replies: As I tell my ESL students at the Lodi Adult School, the important thing is to practice English at every chance. I applaud Sr. Vega Diaz for his efforts at expressing himself in English. But, to be effective, vulgarities really should be grammatically correct.

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Saturday's Letters: A Florida Reader Remembers the "Rawhide" Cry

[Name Withheld]

Re: Juan Mann's Column: Do Reconquistas Already Run Federal Immigration Policy?

While I was watching the parade of illegals here in Fort Myers waving Mexican flags while supposedly just wanting an opportunity in the United States, I thought a solution might be from the old television program Rawhide where the cry was: "Round 'em up, head 'em out."

The writer asked not to be identified since the 75,000 aliens who demonstrated in Ft. Myers might not take kindly to his views.

Peter Brimelow writes: Rawhide was big in Britain too. I thought it was "Hit em up! Move 'em out!" But the sentiment is the same.

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Saturday's Letters:  A California Reader Says Alien Boycott Is Much Ado About Nothing

From Hal Netkin: [e-mail him]

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Mark May Day On Your Calendar!

The objective of a workers' boycott is to prove that without them, the employers will feel a hardship. But according to several newspaper reports, the organizers are asking employers not to punish their employees for taking the day off.

In other words, the employees and organizers are asking permission from employers to allow the employees to boycott them.

What's next?

Not buying anything for a day is a joke too. Illegal aliens and poor immigrants don't have much money to buy more than food. What money they may have leaves the U.S. economy for Mexico or another Third World country. The purchasing power of illegal aliens in the U.S. is miniscule and if withheld for a day will not even be noticed.

The other ludicrous aspect of May Day is students boycotting schools. My adopted Hispanic daughter, a straight "A" student who attends Van Nuys Middle School with a large Hispanic enrollment, will enjoy at least for one day her teacher's undivided attention.

The high school dropout rate in the Los Angeles Unified School System according to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is 50 percent — and the vast majority of dropouts are Hispanic students.

Many who stay in school won't necessarily graduate, however, because they can't pass a state mandated eighth grade level exit exam in three tries. These students only hurt themselves when they walk out.

Yes, the demonstrators will get attention—like they did before they repulsed Americans.

See my website for a look at the obnoxious posters being placed all over Los Angeles.

Netkin, a conservative and anti-illegal immigration activist, lives in Los Angeles. His father and mother were Jewish immigrants from Poland who came to New York in 1930.  He spoke only Yiddish when he entered the first grade in Brooklyn. But with in two months, his English "was as good as any kid on the block."

Netkin spent four years in the U.S Air Force including a tour of duty in Korea.

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Saturday's Letters: A Texas Reader Wonders If Drs. Frist and Kevorkian Are Related

From: Gerald Martin [e-mail him]

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Bush Amnesty May Be Much Bigger Than Advertised

Are Drs. Kevorkian and Frist related? 

One makes a little suicide machine of plastic, glass and rubber tubes to kill one person at a time.  The other promises to build a big suicide machine made of laws that give amnesty to guest workers that will kill off an entire nation.

Although for those of us who don't want to commit suicide, Frist's plan is a genocide machine.

Martin describes Texas as the "the Northern part of Mexico."  He is an ex-soldier, ex-teacher and an ex-Sierra Club member.

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Saturday's Letters: A California Reader Calls Governor Schwarzenegger a Sell-Out

From: Peter Klopfenstein [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Bustamante Death Threats

It appears these death threats, which are a regular fare for most prominent politicians, are being trotted out to prevent the majority opposition to illegal immigration from consolidating.

Unless those opposed to illegal immigration act as effective voting block in upcoming elections, we will not make progress.

Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, our once beloved non-liberal knight in shining armor, our answer to the Gray Davis nightmare, has finally fallen in line with the illegal immigration agenda. We have no one to fight for the majority any longer.

I wonder if Schwarzenegger will again veto driver's licenses for illegal aliens. If he doesn't, that will tell the true story.

Joe Guzzardi adds: The enormous publicity, at least in California, surrounding the alleged death treats to Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is clearly because it suggests immigration reform proponents as gun-toting crazies…just the image the liberal press laps up.

Both Bustamante and Villaraigosa played down the threats but the media maximized it.

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Saturday's Letters: An American Indian Psychiatrist Thanks VDARE.COM For Business

From: Ruben Ovando [e-mail him]


I find your site quite amusing! 

You are such unhappy people.  Maybe Europe would be a great place for you to move to since then you can be among your ancestors. 

With the number of experts you have writing for you, and writing letters to you, it bewilders me that you haven't found Osama mowing someone's lawn or making the hamburger you ate yesterday.

Keep up the good work!  It makes my day knowing that I will be in business for a long time.

I'm a shrink.

Ovando describes himself as a "very dark American Indian."

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