Mark May Day on Your Calendar!
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Mexicans squatting here and residing in their home country are calling for a boycott of American goods [In Mexico, 'nothing gringo on May 1', CNN 4/16/06]. As usual, they are not bright enough to plan a political event that doesn't screw themselves worse than it hurts us.

First of all, they are doing it on MAY DAY, the international holiday of Communist solidarity. Ri-i-i-i-ght, emphasizing the radical left connections will win Americans hearts and minds. And threats of closing down the ports and other commerce will illustrate that our neighbor to the south is not a friend, nor has it ever been.

Furthermore, Mexican illegals joining up with their brethren in the home country against the United States will remind Americans of all those Mexican flags we have seen lately, that Mexicans are invaders

Finally, the boycott would mostly hurt U.S. corporations that are the biggest boosters of the neo-slave economy.

"Remember, nothing gringo on May 1," advises one of the many e-mails being circulated among Internet users in Mexico. [...]

And ironically, the protest targets the U.S. business community, which is one of the strongest supporters of legalization or guest-worker programs.

"At the end of the day, boycotting would only hurt corporations that are backing what people want done in the immigration bill," said Larry Rubin, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.

Perfect! Great going, Mexicans!

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