A LA Firefighter Says Demonstrators Mean To Dominate
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A California Reader Remembers The Havoc Wreaked By "Unaccompanied Minors"

From: Kevin Rudd

Re: Juan Mann's Column: Do Reconquistas Already Run Federal Immigration Bureaucracy?

I was on duty just a few blocks from City Hall for the Saturday and Monday immigration reform demonstrations in Los Angeles.

The marchers were well behaved. When we deal with celebrating basketball fans, one percent of Saturday's crowd would generate at least ten times the activity from law enforcement.

While peaceful, though, one thing was perfectly clear. The vast majority of demonstrators were not marching with a hope to become Americans.

Mexican and a few Central American flags clearly outnumbered the Red, White and Blue —even though organizers had told them to march with American flags. The purpose of the march was clearly meant to be a threat rather than an appeal.

When the students walked out of school on Monday, my fire engine was met with a crowd of about 300 walking through the 2nd Street tunnel. Mexican flags outnumbered American flags 10 to 1. Many marchers were chanting "Viva Mexico."

This symbolism should not be underestimated. Anyone with half a brain realizes the effect of attempting to influence U.S. law while marching with a foreign flag.

For the media and our politicians to ignore this is reprehensible. What would outrage them? Maybe if they started paying them in pesos they might notice.

While none of this surprised me—I substitute-taught for the Los Angeles Unified School District for four years—I hope it clears up the issue for some who still live in an immigration dream world.

Foreign nationals have been filling our cities and are becoming bolder by the day. Things are relatively peaceful because they're getting what they want. When the numbers start to turn in their favor, the demands will increase or the blood will flow.

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